Life Updates and Party Planning

Posted: March 29, 2012 in Uncategorized

So it’s been a good few days. Feeling on top of the world prep wise.

… even with a slight panic attack last night.

While I was at work I got a team email asking for three week out photos friday morning and to send them in with a time where I would be free to give my coach a call and chit chat honestly about where I’m sitting and if I’m ready, etc etc…. In my head after reading that email all I could think for the last hour of my shift was “um… is he going to tell me I’m not ready and it’s best to wait until November to compete instead of making a fool of myself??!?”

So being me, as I was walking out to the car I shot off an email: “Umm… should I be entertaining the idea of NOT competing in april?"

Thankfully I got a response by the time I pulled into the driveway at home. Basically “stop that thought right now, you’re getting on stage in three weeks”

Phew. I was worried I was going to have to make my birthday cake next weekend instead of having three more weeks to plan what I want! Scary!

sprinkle With that all cleared up I’m excited for progress photos and a phone chit chat this weekend with the coach for some feedback. I SHOULD be heading up next weekend as well for some posing and a workout too which will be a great two week out birthday treat for me.

(… since the cake isn’t coming for a few more weeks)

In other news… Rumors have been a flying around the office about how horrid the new shifts are that are currently being bid on (to start april 14th). I picked second to last on the last bid we had due to hiring order, but this time thanks to me being an overachiever I was going to be somewhere around 50th. It wouldn’t take much to get a better shift in my mind, but I was still a little nervous.

… That is until the supervisor doing the bid showed up at my desk just after I arrived yesterday. Not only will I soon have saturday and sundays off (instead of friday/saturday) I will be starting between 11 and 1pm, instead of 2-5pm… which means I get out by 8 or 10 pm with a short shift on Thursdays ending at 5:45! I might actually have a normal social life! A huge perk with starting at 11-1 is that I can workout in the mornings… without a 4am wake up call!

Hells yes!

I forgot to mention something else mom picked me up in the states while she was there Sunday. I’ve mentioned previously that she has (on several occasions) told me I need rehab for my tupperwear habits. So not true, but yes, I do own a lot. I eat nine meals a day and all except one goes in a tupperwear. I need LOTS.

But anyway, what does she show up with Sunday?

photo (64) … but apparently this is grown up “good” stuff and not labeled tupperwear so it’s okay?

Whatever, it’s MORE tupperwear. I’ll take it. (… and look at that marden’s clear out price!!! I love a good deal, even if I’m not the one paying!)

And lastly… with my show THREE WEEKS (… and two days) away… I’m starting to get excited about my housewarming/birthday/cinco de mayo party. I have spent countless hours on pinterest creating a new board with ideas… including piñata cookies… and yeah.. going to be awesome.

feast  I’ve always wanted a piñata for my birthday, why not have a piñata AND piñata cookies?!

…. with top shelf tequila and chips and salsa… and guac… mhmmm and how!

Anyone else big on planning cinco de mayo parties?! Any good links I should check out for ideas?!

  1. clairerd says:

    I think that cake is a fantastic idea! 😉

  2. SableSquatLikeALady says:

    That cake looks awesome! Wanna send one to me for my birthday? ;-D

  3. redkeeney says:

    ooo… I know that panic feeling! Glad you got the “green light” response right away. Will you post the 3 weeks out pics here? I want to get inspired….

  4. redkeeney says:

    mmm… chips and salsa. Yum! I ran across your blog and am hoping I can get inspired through you! I’m ten weeks out from my next comp.

    I’m glad your panic didn’t last long. Yay for three weeks out!!

  5. No plans for cinco de mayo at this point but who knows what could happen. How exciting that your move is coming up AND your show which you’ll kick butt in!

    And boy oh boy does that cake look good!

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