From Ribs to….

Posted: April 2, 2012 in Uncategorized

As I previously mentioned Friday I took my progress photos Friday morning and emailed them off to the coach. We scheduled a 7pm phone chit chat to discuss the 3 week out thoughts/feelings/plan.

When I got up to take the photos since it was Friday and everyone else was you know… working… I had run of the house so I figured why not break out of my cave bedroom and get some natural light going.

Smart move on my part.

(… also pretty sure the two old men out for their morning walk liked the view in the sun porch… but that’s beside the point)

After my last set of progress photos two weeks ago I had discussed posing with the coach a fair amount. My back and side poses were looking very strong… but my front pose was leaving a bit to be desired.

A huge insecurity for me is my lower ab area. Having lost so much weight over the years I never feel like that area is tight enough. My upper ab area, NBD… the lower… ugh. And to compensate I was seemingly leaning back a little bit in my front pose, which was like BAM! Hello rib cage.

…. Not attractive.

So the suggestion I got was to focus on the front pose, stretching up and tall instead of leaning back and at the same time working on the legs, turning the kenes out and really flexing my quads hard.

The difference? Two weeks ago all I see is rib cage (…. and a petrified expression) and this week I see… ABS. (… and a petrified expression)

mar 19 ft mar 30 014

Even now several days later I look at the difference in two weeks and um… I just can’t believe it. I can’t believe that’s ME, that I’ve come so hard and made so many changes in only a year. It’s like I finally said enough of being just “enough” and decided to fully trust a new prep style, commit myself 100% and see where it took me.

And yeah… Crazy.

mar 19 backmar 30 056


mar 19 lt sidemar 30 053

Speaking on the phone with Jody made me feel so much more comfortable. I had been worried about where I was sitting and how things are going. I never thought someone would say that my abs would be a strong point for me, I never thought I’d have someone say I was going to be ready, that I was right on track and doing everything right.

I still feel so relaxed about this show, I’m really not panicking or really even THINKING about the show… I think for once I’m not freaking out over how I look and how much work I have left to do in such a short time. It’s like… I’m ready, I’m on track, this is going to happen. Bring it on. Knowing backstage I’m not going to be alone this time huddled over my phone trying to get a signal to text the coach is kind of wicked. I’ll not only have my teammates backstage, but Jody has got himself a coach’s pass so he’ll be backstage with us too. Everything is lining up perfectly and I’m just… in shock at how things have gone.

I KNOW this is show number five… but in a way it feels like the first one all over again. Switching from the IDFA to CBBF stream, new team, new competitors, my parents are going to the show, I’ll know other people in the audience. It’s scary and exciting all rolled into one.

It’s like… Game on. 2 weeks, 5 days.

  1. That’s the leanest I’ve ever seen you. congrats on all the progress. Glad you are feeling so good about it.

  2. Wow who knew a simple movement could make all the difference. You still look awesome and you are going to rock that competition!

  3. oh wow!!!!!!!
    looking right on point and way to improve on that front pose!!!!!
    2.5weeks will fly by before you know it!!!!
    so happy things are lining up for you,no doubts you will be having FUN on show day!!!!!
    (and the after party)

  4. runningperspective says:

    um you look FREAKING AMAZING! seriously look at those abs!!! such an inspiration! you are so dedicated i love it!
    you are gonna OWN THAT COMPETITION!!!<3

  5. Sweet niblets, girl you are going to ROCK that competition!!!!

  6. redkeeney says:

    voila! Abs and quads – great job!

  7. Lisa says:

    Oh my, you look amazing! Just that little bit of posing helped like that, awesome! I’m so excited for you!!

  8. Tara says:

    Delurking to let you know that you not only look amazing, but are definitely an inspiration!!!

  9. Amanda says:

    It’s really stunning what a difference that change in posture makes! And having followed you through previous competitions, I agree this is the best you’ve ever looked to this untrained eye (and you looked amazing last time!). Keep going, you’re going to do great!

  10. That is an incredible change. Good luck on your competition.

  11. Sable@SquatLikeALady says:

    OMG – your abs look amazing and holy eff can you see that adductor ALREADY???? Whoaaaaaa

  12. Marlo says:

    OW OW!! Get it! So much seems to be going so well for you Becs. I always read up on the blog. I’m beyond excited to see pictures from this show.. Id have to say that this is a WHOLE new experience for you as well.. I think you are finally at the spot you aspired to be at years ago when you started doing shows.. Congrats lady!!

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