Posted: April 4, 2012 in Uncategorized

I have two unbelievable things today.

First… I can’t believe the changes going on with my body in these last few weeks. It’s like I wake up everyday to something different. Sure, they aren’t massive changes and no one else probably notices, but I do.

Looks like I may indeed have abs for my 28th birthday. Who knew that was ever possible?

I certainly didn’t… and maybe not believing it’s possible was the reason why I never had them? That’s a whole other post for another day.

I truly feel awesome though. I have a lot of energy, I don’t feel run down. I know this week should stop that feeling, but it’s not. I’m sleeping fairly well again (knock on wood!) after a few crappy days and finding I’m still able to push MORE weight in the gym. Unfortunately that is leaving me more sore than usual (… due to the whole “diet” thing most likely) but I’m dealing with it, it’s only another 2 and a half weeks until I can kiss cardio goodbye! Woo!

So in the meantime…

146930006563042450_0Cv736nW_f And secondly…. I can’t believe that some people have such… poor taste.

Yesterday was my short day at work so I headed to my rental office to get paint colors approved. Most of the place is going to be a very light grey, but my bedroom is going to be a smokey purple color (that’s oddly light/bright for a smokey color). I’ll be honest and say choosing colors took forever, I swear having a lightbox and dealing with matching fabrics for years ruined me… but anyway.

I got the colors approved with the understanding I will paint over the purple when I leave because it’s not neutral.

Not neutral!? Look at the “nailed it” pinterest type finish on my dining room.

photo (71) The iphone photo doesn’t do it justice… it’s a dark brown… and truly ugly.

Yuck. That needs to go.

To make me feel better about being slow on moving I decided to drop a few boxes off yesterday and hang my new hanging plant in my bathroom skylight. Um…. even with standing on the toilet I’m about two feet too short. Lame.

photo (72)

Oh well… the shower curtain rod will do for now.

Time to get moving. Two and a half weeks til show day… three days til painting day!

  1. redkeeney says:

    haha … love the quote. Invite over a cute basketball player to hang the plant. Wait… you’re in Canada… a cute hockey player. He can hook it onto his stick and then hang it. That wasn’t meant to sound gross 🙂

  2. Ha, I wish all my star body fat went to my boobs! 🙂

    That wall doesn’t look great, good thing your painting!

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