How to Lose Five Pounds Fast and Easy

Posted: April 14, 2012 in Uncategorized

Okay, so it’s this really great detox diet.

… and cardio. There’s lots of cardio. But we all love cardio right so this should be easy?

Yeah. If ya’ll think I’m serious you must be new here.

Hi, My name is Becca and I hate cardio. And don’t believe in get fit quick schemes. And certainly don’t feel the need to drop five pounds… gaining five pounds of muscle would be nice though… but I digress.

But I do have a way to lose five pounds fast… or at least feel 5lbs lighter anyway.

I’ve clearly had a slightly different look than my “usual” lately.

photo (24)

Um yeah… I even tried to do big hair to prep for show day and honestly… just wasn’t feeling it… or feeling the effort it would require to do on show day. Lazy FTW!

photo (55)

So Friday I finally threw all my fears out the window, sat down in a new to me stylists chair, had a mini panic attack, stressed the entire time… and walked out with a much more “becca” style that I loveeeeee… even though it’s super short in the back.

photo (8)

Can I just say how  much BETTER I felt when I hauled off my tank top and slipped into the stripper shoes to practice posing at the gym since then? It’s like I had my attitude back, I wasn’t fidgeting with my weird long hair, I was just doing my thing, like I KNEW I remembered how to do… but was feeling really unsure of.

Funny how a simple hair cut can change how you feel about the world eh?

Anyway, Today began stage three of my  two week peak. The final stage starts Wednesday… with new, shorter, workouts and lightened cardio beginning Monday.

Less cardio? Hells yes.

I’m feeling good… nervous… but good. I’ve never looked like this before and everyday I notice small changes. With the changes in my diet and training this week I’m actually afraid of how I’m going to end up looking because I just don’t believe it’s me. I don’t look like me… it’s so beyond different this time around. I know this is show #5 but it’s like #1 all over again.


Anyway. It’s been a busy few days. Thankfully it’s my THREE DAY WEEKEND so I’ve had time to relax, train, run errands and… help mom babysit.

photo (4)

When the lady at the Osh Kosh store thought Stella was mine I knew it was time to head home. Ha!

photo (3)

There’s something I’m clearly more comfortable holding.

I know a lot of people hate “prep food” or the way foods get repeated and over used. Me on the other hand?

Love it. Totally, completely love it.

I ate turkey and egg whites three times today… and will for the next week. This excites me.

What else excites me? Costco dropped the price of their “flat” of eggs. (… Oh I remember the good old days when I was buying flats of beer).

photo (7)

Does anyone else think I have an irrational fear of running out of eggs?

… You’re probably right.

But yeah… that will last me the week. Living up to the blog title people. I need to earn my keep!

The best part of that is my mom totally didn’t even blink when I shoved them in the cart at costco. Nothing says support like not making egg jokes!

I guess the only real big thing is… unpacking…

photo (2)

Shaker cups and wine glasses. I’m clearly “that” girl?

BTW: I totally love this $4.99 “rag rug” I bought at canadian tire. It was cheap and loud. Kind of like me. I guess that’s why I love it?

Tomorrow’s a big day… the final turkey of prep (knock on wood it’s big enough) gets roasted, the final full workout/long(er) cardio happens and hopefully the rest of my crap gets moved into my place.

… and we fix the whole stripped wood in my bed issues so I can put it together. Ugh

Here we go. Seven days out.


  1. chouka777 says:

    Love the new hairdo!

  2. aline26 says:

    Great hair! You look gorgeous!

  3. Tenecia says:

    Love love love love love the hair! It’s so you!!!

  4. Amy says:

    love your hair. It looks great on you. Just curioius do u ever do the cartoned eggwhites? Is there a difference in those and regular eggwhites?

  5. I love your hair!!! You totally have the features to pull off short hair (and not just pull it off – it looks AMAZING on you!) – I’m jealous!!!!

  6. redkeeney says:

    Ok, you had me there for a second …. I was like, WTF is she saying?? Ha.

    Love, love, love the hair. I can see how that would make you strut the heck out of your t walk.

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