On the Go

Posted: April 15, 2012 in Uncategorized

… where oh where did my three day weekend go?

I was up at 8 this morning to put my LAST TURKEY OF PREP in the oven… only to find my beyond awesome mom had already cleaned it out (the most awful thing in the world in my eyes) and tossed it in the oven for me.

Oh-Em-Gee was I happy about that.

I downed a cup of coffee, mixed up a few meals and hit the gym… where i felt like I got hit by a ton of bricks. I was just worn out. Mentally it was a tough workout, it was the last “full” workout of prep, and while the weight portion was fine mentally, physically it was tough. I’m suddenly feeling aches and pains I really haven’t been feeling. Both my hip and my wrist were being annoying and I was happy to have the workout finished.

… only that meant it was time for my last 30 minute cardio. Yuck. Knowing it was the last “long” session should have made it easy but every damn step dragged. Mentally I was over it, but regardless I killed it and felt fantastic knowing it was done.

That is until it was time to leave the gym and meet the parentals at my place where I basically ran stairs with boxes… then ran errands with mom… then ran home to get more boxes to run more stairs. But the end product is one set of curtains purchased, a fancy smancy wine rack bought, and everything but my everyday clothes, my food and my dresser moved.

Sure I’m not really “unpacked” and set up by any means… but things are coming together nicely.

apt 010 My bed is being a pain in my you know what… I seriously want to toss everything in my life Ikea related right now…. well, mostly just my bed. I love my deck table you see in the above photo but yeah… ikea bed = death.

Sometimes when I’m unpacking a box I think maybe I’ll find my sanity. Moving, prep, family, work. I have seriously lost my mind.

Six days out and I’m feeling good. New shift at work this week means no crazy late nights, warmer weather, sassy new hair… what could be better?

Carbs. Carbs would make it better.

… and no cardio.

But yeah, pretty much feeling awesome. Yet at the same time it doesn’t really click that I’m competing in SIX DAYS.


  1. Woohoo! You’re so close to your show and to being moved in to your new place – exciting stuff!

    Gotta love when moms are awesome and do something for you that you really despise!

  2. You are going to rock it! So close!!

  3. Six days! Wahoo!!! Everything you have been working towards in almost here! You are going to own that stage!

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