So Grown Up It Hurts

Posted: April 30, 2012 in Uncategorized

Guess what arrived Saturday morning?!

home 008

It was a little nerve wracking, the couch fit through the entry way and main door, up all four flights of stairs no problem… then they hit my door. It’s narrow. We knew it was narrow. There were measurements taken, a couch with removable legs selected to fit and still this was what I was seeing as I stood in the hallway.

home 007

I feel like I should insert a joke about the end of offseason and fitting into prep jeans here but I won’t go there.

… For once.

Saturday morning started bright and early. I couldn’t sleep again and mom is always up early so we got ready and headed off to a big church yard sale for 8am. Thankfully one person’s trash is another’s treasure… and that treasure came in the form of two awesome purchases for me.

I have this vision of my apartment and well, people on kijiji seem to think that adding “antique” to their junk warrants a 500$ price tag. Lame. Very lame. So you have no idea how stoked I was to find these two gems… for a whooping $8 total.

home 004

After the yard sale we were heading to the apartment to wait for the couch delivery… to which required a tea/coffee run. It just warms my heart knowing mom pulled into tim hortons for her tea then asked which JavaMoose I wanted to hit for my fix. I had a brilliant idea and was sad to see no fresh from the oven muffins at the Prince William location… but I asked and they only weren’t out because they had JUST come out of the oven. Super hot banana chocolate chip muffin to split with mom and a cocoamoconut coffee? Yes please.

home 003

While waiting for the delivery I did some unpacking and rearranging of my stuff… you know, the important stuff….

home 005

Seriously can.not.wait. for summer and to break out my fun shoes. You may notice in the mirror reflection I was wearing flip flops… yeah, it snowed Saturday. That stuff needs to stop like.. now.

Also done? Groceriessssssssssss! My fridge no longer contains a tupperwear of steak and a jar of mustard. I’m so grown up.

home 009

… and for someone who doesn’t eat bread I sure have an awful large number of things to toast it with.

home 006

There was a ton of running around, then a trip out to the parentals for a few last bags and one more important piece of the new home experience. It just wouldn’t feel right being fully moved into my new place without the beast that made my old apartment in Montreal a real home.

home 010

The first night in my new place with all my stuff and several glasses of wine… and several hours of girl talk…. with the bestie. We didn’t even leave my place but it was so nice to shower up and actually put on jeans and real clothes and just sit and talk and laugh and relax. Elisa has been there for me through many many many ups and downs in my life, she originally moved to Montreal with me and knows all about moving back, starting over…. she’s witness the disordered eating first hand, she’s head the boy horror stories. It’s just…. awesome to have her living 15 minutes away again.

Sadly I’m fighting off a nasty head cold… it’s been going around the fam and it turns out the coach and his wife are both in the same boat. I blame someone backstage. Anyway, that made today a very chill day. I slept horribly so I was up early, crock potted the chicken and then napped on the couch while watching Juno. I headed out to the house for family dinner and just was a lazy bum pretty much. I did a bit of work on my furniture there and repotted some plants, but really… bum. Giant bum.

This week starts big things… new training, new diet, new goals. I’ve got more of that to share… but for now… to bed I go. After some more cold and sinus meds. Woo.

  1. Hope you feel better – looks like a productive weekend! 🙂

  2. I can’t wait to follow along with your new plans and such. Being grown up is far overrated.

  3. redkeeney says:

    Shoes!!!! Hope you can break them out soon. Boo on snow.

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