One Of Those People

Posted: May 4, 2012 in Uncategorized

Yesterday was my short day at work. Oh how I love my short day.

When I got off just before 6 my mom was awesome and picked me up so I could make the best use of my free evening. We headed out to the house and well… I got a little lazy and hung out with the entire fam who stopped in since… oh-em-gee… the motorhome was being moved to the front yard so of course Griffin had to come up and go for a drive.

It was an unexpected surprise to see everyone show up and it was nice my brother was able to help me drag my trunk down from the attic. I’ve been on the lookout for a very old antique trunk lately and well, mom was cleaning out the attic and called to point out I have a steamer style trunk up there. Um… What? Oh right, that! It’s not antique, but it will do for now. I don’t have a coffee table, nor do I have a place to store my purses/spare crap so this will be perfect.

… Although Griffin tried to claim it right away as his treasure chest…. and Fritz clearly claimed it right away as his seat.

home 015

Eventually it was time to move on, so I tossed some stuff in ye olde trunk, grabbed my last (I HOPE) packed suitcase and mom drove me back into the apartment so I could start getting myself sorted out a bit more.

… and in true Becca fashion, sorting didn’t seem fun. So I did what any logical adult would do.

home 016

See one day I was rooting around in the basement looking for mason jars (success btw) and found this old food processor of my grandmother’s. The thing is, I’ve wanted a kitchenaid one FOR-EVER, but haven’t been able to justify the cost, so this was a perfect find. A trial machine to see if I’d use it. Awesome.

Clearly I wanted to be one of those nerdy people who makes their own nut butter.

So I began…. and processed… and processed. I had talked about this with Elisa at length before and knew it took awhile but  yeah… my oats soaking in almond milk actually froze in the freezer it took so long. But finally… things began to look up.

home 017

Once it was done I plopped it into one of those mason jars I had found in the basement.

home 018 My “anytime” meal of the day, which I generally eat right before bed is brown rice cakes and almond butter… so once bedtime rolled around I grabbed my rice cakes, threw some almond butter on there and settled into the couch to try it out. And yeah… awesome.

Will I do this all the time? Honestly… I don’t know. It was fun, but we shall see. It was an experiment that worked out well so I can’t complain!

Then to put off unpacking a bit more I pinterest’d up come empty jars Gillian had saved for me with chalkboard paint. You can’t go wrong with a Martha brand paint right? That’s what I’m telling myself. More on that project to come.

But for now, my hold time is up with my cell company and I have finally confirmed my NEW PHONE is being shipped out!

JAN 7 009 My phone is currently the IPhone 3G.

That’s right, the 3G. There isn’t even an S after that. I’ve had it forever. Like two years almost. Or is it more?

We’ve been through a lot. Cardio sessions, moves, times I’ve wanted to toss it up against the wall, a drop in the bathtub, and still…. the phone keeps on kicking. Sure we have our arguments but hey, for the hell I’ve put that thing through it should have died about a week after I activated it. I had been fearful of getting one of these new-fangled “smartphones” because I’m clumsy and break things… and well, why the hell would i need a phone to do anything more than make phone calls and text?

Yeah. I was one of THOSE people too. Now you take my phone away (or we have a fight and it won’t restart itself) and it’s like you removed half my brain. So I’ve been waiting, and waiting, and waiting for my phone company to first off get the 4S and now be able to get it. And finally my time came. I’m not ashamed to admit I used my new found call center cell phone billing knowledge to wiggle in a bit of a better deal and get some perks with it, plus since my cell provider gives you 5% back every time you pay your bill in “dollars” I was able to get my new phone freeeeeeeeeeee.

Sadly there are no Fido stores here in NB, so it will have to be shipped out UPS, but hey, ship away bitches, I’m getting fancy. I have a feeling this new phone will blow my mind. Or it will at least for a little bit when it doesn’t take 17 minutes to load twitter or freeze when I try to take photos.

So hold onto your seats folks, Becca is about to get technologically advanced yo.

Happy Friday!

  1. chouka777 says:

    Hi, I’ve been doing almond butter for sometime now and with experiments I came up with the best result. You need to roast (350F) for around 10min or so which ever nuts you want to use and let them cool down prior to throwing them in the food processor. I’t will take less than 12 min and you will have perfect nut butter. No oil added just the nuts and voilà.

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