Its Finally Here

Posted: May 5, 2012 in Uncategorized

Oh yes


I’ve been up since 7… and out of bed since 7:30. I’d like to blame party excitement but it’s more likely my oddly placed insomnia/inability to sleep that is the cause. It used to be I couldn’t fall asleep, but now it’s I pass out, and pass out HARD at night, then wake up at an odd time wide awake, unable to go back to sleep. Yesterday it was 4:30am. I laid in bed until almost 6 before falling back asleep, today it was 7. There doesn’t even seem to be a reason behind it.

… I didn’t even have to pee when I woke up this morning so I can’t blame that. Weird.

Anyway! I threw on a pot of coffee and got to work.

I’ve been organizing, cleaning and just generally trying to get this place in ship shape for people to come over. I still have a long way to go, but things are really starting to come together. I really can’t say enough how much I loveeeeeee how much storage/closet space/random awesome things I’m finding about this place. I feel like everything is just fitting in perfectly.

home 019

I’ve got all my prints and horrible paintings I’ve done hung up now. They all seemed to fit in perfectly which is awesome. While they’re nothing special, it definitely makes things feel more homey. I got two fantastically perfect bright prints from my brother’s family for my birthday which look great in my living room and the rest are all from my old life in Montreal. I love that they fit in and when I see them it’s just a nice little reminder about how far I’ve come.

Memories I guess you could say. Good memories.

I love doing my protein powder sample reviews here on the blog. So far ON has probably gotten the worst review, but today I’ve got one to match it… if not beat it.

Okay, honestly I would never ever shell out cash for EITHER of these brands, but hey, just my honest opinion.

home 020  I got this as a sample in my goodie bag from the show and since I haven’t made it to the store yet this morning to pick up my usual veggie protein powder I decided to give it a shot.

Yeah… Let’s just say I drank this over the sink with my nose plugged and gagging the entire time. Blech. I then proceeded to gulp down two glasses of water and half a cup of cold coffee to remove the chalky berry taste from my mouth.

There is something to be said for honest opinions. That’s mine.

Now I do believe it’s time to finish up here and head out for groceries, some errands and then my GVT workout before a nap and the Cinco de Mayo festivities begin!

Happy Weekend everyone!

  1. Happy party day!!! =0)

    Thanks for that honest review. I HATE when I buy a new product that gets good reviews on blogs & it winds up being absolutely awful =(

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