When the Going Gets Tough… The Tough Gets Ghetto

Posted: May 11, 2012 in Uncategorized

So yesterday morning. Yeah.

After my ranting post I admit I totally felt better. Therefore I decided I had two options, I could sit and bitch and moan and be really super cranky all day…. or I could do my best to turn the day around.

Step one? Embrace my inner desire to be super ghetto.

home 002

I knew I only had an hour until I had to leave for the gym, but it was worth a shot. I showered and got ready to head out and was just about to leave when… knock knock on the door, a quick signature and i was in the possession of my fancy new phone! OMG

…. I then settled into my chair and spent the next hour and a half setting it up and playing around with it. Clearly missing my workout. I want to say I beat myself up over it and was really upset but um yeah, on my way to work I was flipping through facebook on my phone (since I can actually do it now without it taking 6 years) and it turns out my gym was closed due to flooding again. Awesome. I would have missed my workout anyway!

Work absolutely FLEW by… even though I sat there for the first half of the day with soaking wet pants from the stupid rain, the time went by fast and then it was my lunch… and then my 30 minutes of coaching… and then 30 minutes of training. Easy. A quick microwaving of dinner and I was out to meet mom in the parking lot.

Since having a family doctor in New Brunswick is about as likely as having an igloo in Jamaica we stopped in to see a Doctor at the hospital. Sometimes there are perks to having a nurse as a mom. This is one of them.

home 003

I can’t believe a doctor actually asked me if I had trouble eating.

Does that actually HAPPEN to people? My mom actually laughed at that. It could feel like I was swallowing a knife and I’d still get my food into me. That’s just how it goes. But don’t get me started.

Anyway, luckily I got some good news, the doc thinks my throat was actually starting to get slightly better on it’s own, but there is still… I wish I could say this grossed me out, but again, perk of having a nurse as a mom, nothing grosses me out…. pus and general grossness going on in my throat. Thankfully a quick trip to the pharmacy with my fancy new work health insurance card in hand got me some penicillin which should completely fix me up in seven days. Done and done.

After mom dropped me off I went for a walk since it was finally not raining.

home 005

Yeah, who doesn’t want to live by a late 1700’s burial ground? That’s not creepy at all right?!

Anyway, my mood was totally turned around by this time. I was feeling 100% back to myself. It was nice to get out for a little walk, although it was just to the GT boutique… I never thought I’d be saying “oh yeah, I just headed down to the GT Boutique”… for the record, that’s what we call Giant Tiger, aka the ghetto’-est discount store ever. Whatever, it’s the closest store to me that’s open after the rush hour, so I’ll take it.

I got home to my favorite thing ever being tossed on my doorstep!

home 006

Yeah, I’m lame and love the weekly store flyers. I’m cheap and eat a lot. It works.

I can say I’m very happy to see steak and chicken on sale at Superstore… aka the closest to me grocery store… this week. Happy Becca.

And then… even though I said it was fun but I probably wouldn’t do it again… I broke out the food processor and made some more almond butter. Homemade really just IS better.

home 007

My kitchen counter was preoccupied with my crockpot cooking some steak and well, I wanted to sit down. So yeah, totally made my almond butter on the living room floor.

Don’t worry, Fritz looked on disapprovingly from his perch at the back of the couch.

home 001

  1. Kari says:

    Glad your day got better and you got a new phone! I just got an iphone last week and I’m still amazed that I can actually use more than 1 app at a time! LOL

    BTW – I’m still giggling at the picture of Fritz! Cats do “disdainful” so well! LOL

  2. I’m glad to hear you turned your day around girl! It looks like a good day at that. Um that cemetery is creeping me out from over here. Right then.

  3. realfoodkatiesway says:

    I’m glad you are in better spirits today 😉

    PS that cemetery is something right out of a movie!!!

    PSS there really is nothing like homemade nut butter!

  4. I love the weekend ads!!! It’s the only reason I get the snooze-paper!

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