Day 6 of 7

Posted: May 12, 2012 in Uncategorized

So yeah… 7 days of my fantabulous job in a row.

I got off last night at 9:30 and thankfully my dad needed the ladder out of my apartment for today so he was awesome and picked me up and drove me home… and also brought my bike in to me! Woo!

I work at 9 this morning. That really blows. Less than 12 hours between shifts. Badass.

It also means I have to go to the gym after work at 6pm. wtf!? I hate working out past noon lately. That’s going to stink. I need coffee just thinking about it. I’ll have to keep the comment I got yesterday in the back of my head… “Have you always been this strong? You’re like… strong…. really strong… in general… not for like.. a girl”.

I’ll take it…. and leave you with this.



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