Hunger Is Not a Badge of Honor

Posted: May 16, 2012 in Uncategorized

I’ve always been a big Twitter follower/facebook browser on my daily commute. It passes the time and with my fancy smancy new phone it’s even easier since well… it doesn’t take three years to load anything.

Something I find so alarming lately is how fellow competitors/athletes/”healthy living” people talking about hunger… in the sense that it’s a GOOD thing because it means they’re on track, leaning out, doing something right.

june 20 012 Yes. In order to lose weight you need to have a calorie deficit.

Since when does that mean you need to be starving/miserable.

Personally my first reaction to having days upon days where I want to chew my arm off is to email my coach and say “seriously, this is not working. Do over”. There is always going to be days where you’re hungrier for whatever reason. Less sleep, busy, slow day at work, a little harder on the cardio. Whatever the reason, yes, it happens.

… but those hungry days should not be stringing together over and over.

Hunger is not something to brag about or pride yourself on. How happy and fulfilling is a life spent agonizing over food every single second of every single day?

I’ve spent a lot of time thinking about this, especially in light of my post yesterday. Maybe I’ve been lucky to find a coach who knows their stuff and a system that works for me. While I do still have that inner voice that wants to obsess, for the most part I just don’t. My meals leave me satisfied, I enjoy the food I eat and overall I’m just happy with my way of life.

I spent today getting the rest of my groceries after the gym and prepping my meals. It’s a simple routine I have and it works for me. My fridge is stocked with…. tupperwear. Lots and lots of tupperwear.

photo (13) Other than a carton of eggs and some homemade chipotle salsa (beyond spicy. oops) food is fuel. If you could see the door, there wouldn’t be anything fancy or crazy. A bottle of mustard, some salsa, hot sauce, my juice and half a bottle of wine left over  from a few weeks ago.

Looking at this makes me realize how I really do think of food as simple fuel now. It’s cut and dry, cook the food with whatever spices I’m feeling, grab and go.

Yes, I eat the same thing every day.

Yes, I’m “dieting”

Yes, I don’t eat huge meals.

But no, I’m not hungry.

Well, physically. Mentally I’m hungry, to improve, to move forward, to keep pushing ahead with my training and my goals. It’s like a dull ache deep down in my heart to keep striving for just a little bit more every single day.

THAT is the kind of hunger to be proud of, not that dull ache in your stomach.

  1. AMEN. And this is why I had to stop IFing. I’d get so self-righteous about my ability to ignore my hunger for 20+ hours…and I know that’s a dangerous road for me to go down. I’ve had to unfollow a lot of people on Twitter for this reason too – such a bad influence.

  2. Sarah N says:

    I’m absurdly happy to hear you say this – I’m training for my first bikini comp (June 9th, eeekkkk) and I’ve had to go back to my awesome trainer a few times for tweeks. Today I’m so happy to finally feel “normal” – plenty of energy for working out, the ability to stand – eating every two hours. Egg white and oatmeal pancakes will be my friend for the next few weeks. I hate hearing how people are dieting and are hungry – what? Eat more protien! Eat more small meals! I even had a co-worker who I had to tell to eat ALL of her calories, wouldn’t you know – the wait is coming off!

  3. runningperspective says:

    you are AMAZING!!!!!! and SO SO RIGHT…..especially if you want this healthy diet to be a LIFESTYLE….does anyone really think being hungry all the time is something they can maintain LONG TERM? no!
    you are so lucky you found that coach! I am currently looking for one…how did you end up searching?<3

  4. amen sister,amen……..

  5. livelovenrun says:

    A.MEN. I couldn’t have said it better myself, Becca.

  6. msamandaleal says:

    Reblogged this on The Figure Diaries and commented:
    Loved this!!

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