I Think There Is a Homeless Man Living In My Vent

Posted: May 18, 2012 in Uncategorized

So I have this mystery vent in my kitchen.

photo (14) Clearly the top of my kitchen cupboards is where Becca the former party girl went to die. Shot glasses, wine glasses, martini glasses, beer boot, tequila. I clearly have my bases covered.


The more i sit here on the couch staring at it the more it looks like something out of a bad horror film. (yeah, awesome thought for someone living alone with a cat who is afraid of everything) And just now there is a banging inside. one bang. then silence. then another. then silence.

it’s stopped now, but yeah, creepy much. That’s never happened before.

Whatever. It stopped, that’s what matters right?

Another strange happening lately…

I don’t know what it is about late nights, but they make me crazy productive. I am NOT a night person so this is strange for me. With my current work schedule I find myself getting home from work around 10pm, having my last meal, reading some blogs, writing my blog post and in the case of tonight I got up to do the dishes and ended up tidying up big time.

I put away all the junk on my coffee table (the remains of 7 straight work days), I tidied up the kitchen and organized a bit more. Nothing huge, but a solid 45-60 minutes of effort at 10 pm. That is so not like me.

I fully admit I’m ready to zonk out and pass out. Tomorrow is deadlift day, work and a few errands. I’m working all weekend, but still have some house stuff I fully intend to get done so sleep is a must… especially when my brain feels like this

confused Happy Friday! (… at least I think it’s friday. My head hurts)

  1. I always hated word problems!
    The creepy vent reminds me of this movie I attempted to watch once where this dude was hiding in houses and peeking at girls through the vents before snatching them. I couldn’t finish the movie and I still get scared at vents in my room!

  2. I get freaked out when I’m alone, too. Having a cat made it better for me, because I stopped freaking out at every little sound. But a banging in the vent would definitely put me on edge. Arm yourself!

  3. ann says:

    hey. you should blog like… 3x a day. love you. k bye.

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