Biggest Letdown

Posted: May 25, 2012 in Uncategorized

Yesterday was my short day at work (love) and I was having a really awesome day.

I had a fantastic deadlift workout. I know I’ve always been a “don’t talk to me I’m here to work” type at the gym, but honestly I really don’t have any friends in this city so I’m welcoming when people talk to me now. Not excessively, but enough.

Not so welcoming was the guy who asked me to teach him HOW to deadlift since YouTube videos just weren’t cutting it. If he hadn’t been staring for a week and actually paid attention when I tried to explain it, I might have believed him. But oh well.

After work mom picked me up, I got to break out my new (huge for me) Coach purse that was gifted to me.

phone 2067(I also was un-sunburnt enough to break out the new nike shorts for deadlift day yesterday, they are awesome)

I have been dying for Coldstone. I have a giftcard. It was meant to be.

So mom and I go to Costco, I didn’t need a whole lot, but since I don’t have a card she is wonderful and takes me when I need a few things. It was really just the essentials yesterday, cinnamon, my fav mesquite spice, a bag of almonds and coffee.

We didn’t go to Coldstone. It slipped my mind until we were almost to my place. Lame.

I was sitting here at home and all I could think of was icecream. I wanted it so desperately that I was considering eating a bunch of random stuff in the house to make up for that void in my life right that second. Not cool. So I grabbed my bag, slipped on my flip flops and walked to the little store at the corner.

…. all they had was crappy icecream sandwiches and popsicles.

Old Becca would have bought them up, eaten a ton and felt completely unsatisfied and full of guilt for this.

New Becca walked home empty handed with the knowledge that an intended cheat with less than stellar results is the biggest let down ever.

Almost as big as waking up this morning and breaking out my new Costco sized tub of coffee (which will last about a week…. I’m only half kidding).

photo (15)

I had mentioned last week my coffee pot crapped out on me. I seriously thought I had “fixed the problem” but haven’t tested it yet since I have been using my Tassimo due to lack of regular coffee in my house. This morning I made the switch on the machines, set it all up ready to settle into the couch with a big mug of coffee…. and then the same thing that happened last time happened. No coffee. A lot of steam.

It’s still broken.

And that my friends, was an even bigger let down than no icecream last night.

Looks like I’m going to be starting up coffee Friday and hitting Java Moose before the gym. I only have enough Tassimo disks left for one cup and that’s just not enough for a long Friday at work.

  1. Ruined coffee plans are the worst – hoping your day gets better from here! Love the shorts, they’re adorable!

  2. Holly says:

    We use that coffee also! After experimenting we have found you only need to use 1/3 of a cup for a full pot. Makes it last a heck of a lot longer since we are a pot a day people!

  3. Try a french press. It will always work and brews better than the drip.

  4. redkeeney says:

    There is no replacement for Coldstone! Proud of you for walking home empty handed. Atta girl.

  5. YES. No coffee is a big let down. For real.

    I can’t stop laughing at your gym story. I honestly think you are the only one who knows my problems like that at the gym. Minus apparently I’m a pacer for soccer players who run a mile on the treadmill at .1 faster and then give me the “oh yea” look.

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