Tuesday Randomness: New Workout Thoughts

Posted: May 29, 2012 in Uncategorized

It’s shaping up to be a good week around here.

Since my old schedule at work had me working weekends with Monday/Tuesday off… I am currently on my “weekend”. But since my new schedule has me with Saturday, Sunday and Tuesdays off, and the new schedule kicks in this Saturday…. I only have to work three days this week! One of them being a short day!

(…. when I realized this I did the math and because of how it’s set up I do not lose two days of pay. Phew)

may 22 002 After the last few weeks, being forced to lose my monday-friday and work weekends, seven straight days of work and just general work frustrations this is a very very very welcome week.

Especially with SUMMER like weather.

Okay… for the most part. Today it’s cloudy and very very cool outside. But I’m enjoying it. I certainly will not be missing the 45 degree heat waves I survived in Montreal.

phone 1104 Anyway… where was I going with this?

Nowhere most likely.

The parentals are going camping this weekend and mom has graciously offered to pick me up Thursday from work and give me her car for the weekend. I’m on a coffee table mission and have an interesting “trinket” shop and a “ginormous” flea market in the books…. and hopefully some sun.

(FYI: The reason for my sunburn even with SPF 45? Yeah… the bottle of sunscreen at the parents place expired.. in 2010. Opps)

What an exciting life I live.

Training wise I have two workouts left in phase one of my German volume training. Even without testing anything (yet) I can 100% confirm my strength increased exactly how it should have and I’m kind of super happy with the results.

I received phase two in my email on Sunday night and while I’m sad to see deadlifts are not included I was mega happy to see that squats are NOT in my plan…. yeah, I dont like squats. I do them if I have to, but whatever. Squats or not squats I believe the response I had to the plan was simply “&$%^" me”. It’s slightly different than my current plan, more stuff included which means a bit longer workouts, but I really think I like the looks of it.

… My body is just crying at the thought of it though. 

Onwards and upwards right? Progress photos are due again this weekend and I’m okay with how I’m looking (and even more okay with how I’m feeling). Things are moving in the right direction and I feel like I’m in an awesome place mentally which is 90% of the battle for me.

I’m trying to find some reasonably priced yoga classes to partake in on my days off… but sadly the cost of yoga in this city is not going to happen. (new suit > yoga) so I’m heading to the gym uptown (blech) today to try out the Les Mills Body Flow class. I have a feeling this is really not for me, but you never know until you try.

So expect a whiny “that class sucked” post tomorrow. Nothing will compare to my 90 minute 5$ karma class hot yoga in Montreal. Lame.

Have you ever tried the Les Mills classes? (no, I will never take Body Pump)

How do you feel about heat? More? less? Blech?

  1. Hot yoga is too darn expensive – I take advantage of Groupons whenever possible!

    • ihearteggs says:

      Usually I 100% agree Claire! …. but I used to go to karma classes held friday nights, it was a by donation class. They were often very full classes, but 5$ a week for something I loved was a fair price to pay!

  2. lovetotrain says:

    i started training at les mills about 8 years ago. i took body pump classes, rpm and body attack and LOVED them! and then i wanted more… i asked one of the body pump instructors if she did personal training and she did… she was my trainer for a year and needless to say i stopped doing the body pump classes. its been about 6 years since i last did one! its so weird to think i was so obsessed… only coz i didn;t know how good the REAL thing was!!!

  3. Sarah N says:

    I love body pump (as another workout in addition to my crazy other gym stuff) – I’m not a Yoga person. On the other hand, I love bootcamps and Turbo-kick. I hear great things about PiYo (the real one, not the one’s people like to make-up). Sadly I’m at a gym that doesn’t have great classes, but I’d say it’s worth it since I go to the one with other body-builder/figure girls.

  4. redkeeney says:

    Never taken body pump, but I have done hot yoga. I liked it okay…. but I felt like I wasn’t sweating enough. I kept looking around and people were dripping sweat and I was sweating too, but not like that…

    Anyway, I’ll keep an eye out for the “that class sucked” post or possibly something more favorable…. 🙂

  5. I had a few instances in working 7 days in a row in college. Killer. Both in energy levels and mood. Meh!

    I love the heat. I do. It’s just a matter of getting used to it. Which takes a while. It’s like my body resists the change for weeks…

  6. Body pump….lolz…that is all I have to say to that. I don’t take a lot of classes because the one’s i like don’t fit into my schedule. lame.

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