Friday Means Friday Again!

Posted: June 1, 2012 in Uncategorized

Hooray for the shift change at work! Today is once again my Friday (instead of being my Wednesday) and I’m kind of loving that whole idea.

… Even if it is the first and that means my bank account is suddenly not so wonderful looking due to rent. But hey, I have a HOME now!

Today was my short day which made it super awesome… especially since the last hour and a half was spent in recursive training (aka sitting there drinking my green tea half asleep). Hey, I passed the test with 100%, so does it really matter if I wasn’t quite active listening?

No, no it doesn’t.

Today was also my last GVT workout for the first phase. Shoulders and arms. I hit 100lbs on tricep extensions. Awesome. I think the most challenging part was just getting the set up of that going. Regardless, It’s going to make me sore. Boo.

My newest workout log has been edited for my book and sent to Staples for printing. Not going to lie, the 2-3$ it costs to have it printed double sided and with holes already punched there is BEYOND worth it in my eyes. Lazy ftw!

After work mom picked me up and we went for dinner then headed to a location of Zellers that’s closing in seven days. I thought I was going to score a kitchenaid food processor for 38$… sadly it did not work out that way. So we went home. I walked into the parentals place and automatically popped my next meal in the microwave which of course prompted dad to start with the “do you even say hello? Or do you just walk in and eat all the time?”

Um, bitches gotta eat right?

I didn’t stick around too long, I had a few errands to run and then was happy to see Fritz waiting at the door all excited to see me.

Something was not right. He’s usually around, but loses interest fast when I get home. But ahh… when I walked into the kitchen the truth came out.

may 22 005 But I guess like I said…. bitches gotta eat

Happy Friday!

  1. redkeeney says:

    Happy Friday!! and happy 100 pounds on tricep extensions… that’s beast weight, baby!

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