If I Knew Then What I Know Now: The Diet

Posted: June 4, 2012 in Uncategorized

Just over two years ago, on May 15th I stepped on stage for the first time.

Looking back I had NO clue what I was doing.

… but I did it.

Sure on the morning of my show I was scared to death, I half glued my eyes shut trying to put on fake eyelashes, my tan turned green, I got lost (in the RAIN) on my way to the venue, I was alone and clueless.

brownie But… I was completely and totally hooked.

When my (then) boyfriend called to ask how it went and since I didn’t win did that mean I was going to go back to being normal and get fat again (fyi: we met the day before I started prep) my answer was “um no, Montreal in July! Let’s go!”

Needless to say when I stepped on stage in July I was single and much happier.

Looking back on those first preps so much has changed. I’m not just talking about results/mental/body/whatever, I’m talking about my prep style. Everyone has something that works for them. Yes, in the past my preps were much different, but at the time they worked for me. Now… It’s a different set up, but it’s working for me now. I can’t complain, but it just goes to show that like regular dieting/training it’s a process. It shouldn’t be black and white, there needs to be a learning curve and an adjustment.

The Diet

My first prep I ate out… A lot.

There was a ton of convenience foods and prepackaged “diet” foods.

food Protein cereals, RTD shakes, ezikial bread, white chocolate wonderful PB, white cheddar rice cakes, banana cheerios.

The list would go on and on.

As time went on I did slowly begin transitioning to more whole, real foods. Greek yogurt, fruit, tons of veggies, eggs, steak, chicken. With little… Extras thrown in.

july 7 008 … Don’t even get me started on how much hate mail I got for the fact I ate chocolate cheerios one week out from my fourth show. You’d think I had eaten a baby kitten as the protein source with this.

Back then I followed the “tried and true rules”. I ate protein at every meal, I ate most of my carbs earlier in the day and surrounding my training. I drank my water and took my supplements like a good girl.

But now… yeah. Now.

turkey There is nothing processed or prepackaged in my diet.

I eat eggs and steak, chicken and fish.

There’s quinoa and sweet potato, gluten free rice cakes and oatmeal.

I eat my veggies and have fruit daily.

I no longer use whey protein powder with sweeteners, it’s unflavored vegetarian protein for me now! (in the words of Michelle “I don’t even know who you are anymore”)

I focus on real foods. I make my own almond butter and salsa comes from fresh ingredients at the market not a jar on a shelf at superstore.

phone 2018 I’m not perfect and it’s not always easy… but the times when I crave and want junk get further and further between as I realize how my body reacts to them.

Do I wish that I had started prep back then like I do now?

Honestly… no. Those two years with Joe, not restricting the types of foods I ate, working out my own macros, learning to love whole foods was a huge growing point for me. In a way it was a healing process, over time I stopped looking at food as an enemy, I learned to take my emotions out of the equation, embrace true serving sizes and listen to my body.

The more I tried different foods and combinations of meals the more I learned what I actually enjoy eating. You know what, that pasta I used to eat? Meh, no thanks. Quinoa? Um yeah, rocks my socks.

… and brussels sprouts?

april 7 004Yeah, totally emailed the coach for permission to switch my broccoli for sprouts.

The most hated vegetable in the world is one of my absolute favorites.

Who knew?

I certainly didn’t back then… but I do now. And that’s really all that matters.

  1. Kari says:

    I agree that every prep is different! I’m still in disbelief that you ate all those processed foods during prep, though!! Gah! :S Glad you used it as a learning experience, though. 🙂

  2. redkeeney says:

    It’s def a learning curve – you do what works for you. My prep diet has progressed (pretty much from starvation during prep one) but is probably still more processed than other people’s – so I would not send you hate mail for the chocolate cheerios. (I haven’t had them, but they look delicious.)

  3. I really like this post a lot. It’s nice to see other athletes talking about diet in such an objective frame of mind.

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