Tis the Season to Grow

Posted: June 6, 2012 in Uncategorized

Four weeks post Atlantics.

Twenty two weeks until Provincials.

Not that I’m counting.

It’s kind of nice having dates for progress pictures programmed into my phone. It’s that little bit of extra accountability I feel I need right now. It’s so easy to say “oh just one more rice cake”. Yes, I’m aware it’s an extra rice cake (… or three) and it’s actually ok’d by the coach for occasional use but when it comes down to it I am less than 22 weeks out.

Ummmmmmmmmmm. Yeah. It doesn’t feel like it. At all. Which is weird for someone who is used to prepping for half the year. Part of me feels like I should be doing more cardio, but a bigger part of me enjoys doing my 9 minutes of cardio (if it’s scheduled) and then strolling on the treadmill to cooldown while I chit chat and catch up with other gym go-ers. (often about how much cardio is stupid).

Monday I had someone approach me and ask me if I compete. That was really different. Several people at the gym know I do compete, but I’ve never really had someone out of the blue say “you compete right?”. Does that mean I actually maybe finally have that “look”? Right now I feel like I don’t look the part, I feel bigger and thicker and a little bit chubby, when in reality I know I’m anything but. Just the mental side of it.

Regardless, I’m enjoying the fact I’ve been gaining strength (and definition) while staying relatively lean. I still fit into my clothes I was wearing a month ago, they’re just slightly less baggy on me which is probably a good thing. I have no issues putting on a bikini to go to the beach, or I wouldn’t if it wasn’t so f-ing cold here. I feel healthy, athletic and overall just pretty awesome.

No huge changes in progress photos. Two weeks post show vs four weeks post show. Maybe a little something in my shoulders happening and less bloat in the lower abs from finally kicking the wheat/dairy back to the curb for good.

 may 22 front  june 2 031

may 22 rt sidejune 2 005

(clearly my sunburn has gone away and I’m back to my pasty self. True story, the spf 45 I used at my parents place expired 2 years ago. Thanks mom and dad)

I’ve got a long way to go, but with staying lean and putting off “dieting” and “cardio” for as long as possibly while I build this summer should have me make some big changes. Or at least noticeable changes.

I got my checkin back from the coach and he’s happy so I’m happy. We’re sticking with the same diet, same workouts and new reduced cardio plan.

… which is awesome since my legs are so frickin sore moving is not fun.

So for another two weeks you’re safe to come back without having to look at my whiteness. You’re welcome

  1. There is deffff something happening with those shoulders!!! You look great!

  2. Agreed- shoulders are coming in lady! 😉 The main thing is you feel good and are working hard. I’m excited to see you progress towards Provincials!

  3. I can see a change in the shoulders. Every time I see these posts I am just like oh my stars. You really work harder then anyone I know. well “know”. Well you know what I mean.

  4. Wow! You look great! I can also see some more definition in the legs!
    And I LOVE THIS: “I feel healthy, athletic and overall just pretty awesome.”– I can’t express how happy I feel for people when they feel awesome like this! Go you! 🙂

  5. redkeeney says:

    Yup – shoulders and I can tell in the lower abs too.

  6. I can totally see a difference in your arms and lower abs!

  7. I love that someone asked you about it- such a compliment! And that you’re “seasoned” enought to be like “yeah, ain’t no thang”. 🙂

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