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(Disclaimer: Not a trainer/nutritionist/science guru… I am a designer who works in a call center and am writing this based on my experiance and personal preference)

When I first started toying with the ideas of a trainer/competing/getting into this whole “fitness thing” a little more seriously I was against any and all supplements. I mean, I lost the first how many pounds on my own, why would I need fat burners/supplements/magic pills to lose/change the rest right?

Yeah. Now I know better than to think of supplements as a “magic pill”, they are just that, a supplement to a healthy diet and workout plan. I think it’s pretty obvious from reading here for any length of time that I’m not big on supplements, the only thing you’ll find in my place right now is BCAA’s, glutamine, creatine and some vitamins.

Probably about 3 or 4 years ago my friend suggested trying creatine to me. We were both heavy into the gym and discussed all that kind of stuff excessively. My first reaction was “Pfttt…. creatine? No! I’m not taking that! I don’t need it! I can do this on my own!”

…. and probably a week later after some googling, discussions with my then trainer and further thought I bought my first ever tub of creatine monohydrate and have been taking it ever since.

june 2 012 So what is in this wonderful white powder that has made it the only supplement I have consistently taken for any length of time?

Ummm…. it’s just a mix of the amino acids glycine, arginine, and methionine. No strange additives, simply aa’s that are naturally produced by the body anyway. There are now many different types of creatine, but I’ve always been a firm believer in sticking with the one that has the most research done to it, monohydrate. (…. it helps it’s also the cheapest).

Since I am not a scientist or fancy guru (see above disclaimer) I suggest checking out this article from SimplyShredded on the in’s and out’s of creatine.

Closer to my show I got a few questions regarding creatine and I figured it was time to clear it up.

But doesn’t creatine make you hold water/bloat?

shot Most of the creatine bloat (myths) rumors come from the old school science of loading creatine at the start. In typical broscience usage you load up on creatine with mega doses for a week to flood your system, and then back off to a normal 5g dose there after.

Or… You could begin taking a regular 5g dose right from the start, let time work it’s magic (who needs a quick fix right?) and let it naturally saturate your cells.

I have taken creatine right up to show day, and including show day for all of my preps. After discussing it with the coach this time around he agreed and had me take it on show day. Yes, if I was mega bodybuilder lean we would pull it, but for a not mega lean figure competitor continuing to take it will help keep muscles looking full.

Is creatine safe to take?

… Usually asked by non-health/fitness folks who eat like crap and drink/smoke.

Like I said above, it’s amino acids that are naturally produced by your body.

Yes, I’m aware that "nothing” is safe in the supplement world, but let’s be honest here…. everything is bad for you now a days. Fruit and veggies are bad unless they’re organic, bad air causes breathing problems, there’s drugs in the water.

Whatever, there’s also creatine in my juice. I’m okay with that.

And there you have it… my simple and quick answers to creatine questions. I really suggest checking out Simply Shredded for tons of info on the myths/science on creatine. it’s one of my favorite websites for givings facts and science, but in a slightly easier to understand method than some websites… .and as always, if you have any questions, ask away.

Do you take any supplements? How do you feel about adding anything on top of a healthy diet plan?

  1. Thanks for this!!! I am looking so. flat. SO flat. (My contest prep = keto and it’s working like a charm, I’m down to 118lb as of this morning and starting to see !!!!! abs!! BUT I don’t want to be this effing flat. I was thinking of taking NO2 but that only works intraworkout from what I can see. So maybe it’ll be creatine!!

    I used to be totally anti-supp too but monsieur coach recommended taking Vitamin D, fish oil & acetyl-l-carnitine…I couldn’t get my hands on aceytl-l-carnitine for a few days after starting my diet but once I did, I noticed a *huge* spike in energy. I think there’s something to at least some of these supps!

    • ihearteggs says:

      A lot of the hype of creatine is most likely in my head, but honestly I love it and will continue to take it. Times when I do forget to take it I find I look flatter, less energy, etc. Yes, head game, but for a giant tub of monohydrate for about 20$, I’ll take it. haha

  2. Amy says:

    I’m taking C-4 preworkout. I don’t drink coffee and I train in the morning so I have to have something to give me some energy.

  3. redkeeney says:

    Yup, I take monohydrate too. I didn’t do the heavy loading cycle… just added a scoop each morning and let it do its thing….. I was hesitant at first but I’m a fan now.

  4. I used to use protein powder but got off of it last November. I’m thinking about adding it back in but I haven’t quite decided yet. Interesting and think you for sharing!

  5. Kalin says:

    Thanks for the info! I like your take on it. I’ve considered trying creatine but haven’t ever committed.

    Heads up: your 2nd link to Simply Shredded has a typo in it.

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