Meal Prep Mishaps

Posted: June 13, 2012 in Uncategorized

Now that I have this funky schedule and have Saturday/Sunday off, work Monday and then I’m off Tuesday my meal prep has changed a bit. I still do my grocery shopping on the weekend, and cook pretty much everything I need… but then I freeze the portions for Wednesday-the weekend and just whip up everything for Monday on Sunday. Tuesday I wing it (… you know, cook my meals and eat them off plates, not out of tupperwear cold) and do the prep for the meals for the rest of the week.

It’s habit and easy to do…. but I guess you could say I’m still adjusting to my new kitchen. Counter space is very limited, and while I’ve learned to work around that by setting up the crock pot on the dining room table and using my step stool (yeah, I’m short and have high cupboards) as a handy moveable shelf I’ve also had some…. incidents.

Yes, if I had children I’m well aware you’d all probably call child services after this post, but honestly…. &%^$ happens. No one got hurt, I didn’t burn the place down and I learned my lesson.

First there was the broccoli incident. It was my last weekend that I had to work. I had worked Friday until 9:30, got home and went right to bed. I was up early for my 9am shift and while I was in the shower I tossed some broccoli in the oven to roast. I packed my lunch and headed off to work. At 4pm I pulled my chicken out my lunch bag and um… there was no broccoli.

I only had two hours left in my shift and it was dead so I pleaded family emergency and hauled ass home.

june 2 017

Apparently 9 hours at 450 degrees is about 8 hours and 40 minutes too long for broccoli. Who knew?!

…. And then there was the food scale incident. Again, roasting veggies while I was in the shower. This time I had set a timer on my phone so I didn’t forget. Only I got out of the shower and smelled burning plastic. Huh? Wtf is that?

june 2 018

Food scale left on stove. Heat rises up through burners. Awesome.

(This has now been replaced with a shiny new stainless steal scale… complete with a TIMER built in)

…. And since I clearly didn’t learn from my mistakes.

june 2 021

Same thing with a tupperwear. Fantastic.

And then…. oh there was the egg incident.

I was doing so good last week on my prep. There was no plastic melting, no burnt food, no nothing. Life was good. I was cracking eggs and separating them into the pan. Cooking four whites at a time, tossing them in a container and repeating… and then the last four eggs were up. Three perfectly cracked and separated…. one cracked, egg totally dropped into the (turned off) burner, splat onto the tinfoil pie plate under it and slipped right down into the top part of the oven.

   june 2 020  (I have no idea where that random cheerio came from)

Needless to say, the only thing worse than cleaning an egg off the floor is cleaning it off the inside of your oven. Fail.

But I am proud to say this week went off without a hitch.

Okay, I did drop a frozen tupperwear with steak on the floor which cracked it. But really, that’s kind of minor compared to all my other epic fails. I even managed to create a jug full of my love to have in the fridge.

june 2 011

Yeah, a big old jug of iced coffee.

… I don’t have a problem.

Anyone else with some embarrassing and potentially horrible kitchen stories to share?! I can’t be alone on this!

  1. Sable@SquatLikeALady says:


    Ohh I’ve done lots of done things when meal prepping. Put a tupperware on a burner that was on… that smelled GREAT let me tell ya… left things in the oven WAY WAY too long (never more than a couple of hours but still!

  2. Ahhh that’s so scary but I’m happy that nothing worse happened!
    & I do the same for my iced coffee too!

  3. I’ve done that before actually. I actually ruined a waffle maker that way because it was too close and it melted the power cord…anyways.

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