Friday Facts

Posted: June 15, 2012 in Uncategorized

1. I am completely and totally unable to go to the store with a list (even if it’s only in my head) and only purchase things on that list.

This morning I went to Superstore for protein powder and maybe a few apples to switch up my usual morning banana….. 37$ later…

june 2 025

Although in my defense it is tax free day, so I picked up a few things I use constantly that were on sale AND tax free. Hello almond milk and my favorite smoky chipotle salsa.

2. Do you ever wake up and have a sudden feeling that a monster is going to be face to face staring at you when you finally pry open your eyes?

june 2 023

I have NO IDEA wtf is going on with Fritz, but he has suddenly decided to switch his sleeping habits and I frequently wake up with him THISCLOSE.

Nothing like cat food breath first thing in the morning. I am officially the definition of crazy cat lady. Awesome.

3. Packages lie

 june 2 022

I decided to be a crazy person and put all my almond butter on one rice cake instead of splitting it between both of them.

I want to say these gluten free, organic, unsalted rice cakes taste like cardboard…. but that would be insulting cardboard. Definitely spreading the almond butter love around going forward.

4. Last leg day I had a very large amount of pain in my booty. As in it felt like something may have been strained. It made my workout suck. Yesterday I felt awesome. No pain other than in my hip towards the end. Progress.   june 2 024 …. well, no pain until I tried to remove myself from my bed this morning and realized how stiff I’m already feeling.

…. and dreading how much worse it will be by the time I get off work tonight. Delicious.

5. Next Saturday I’m heading to Fredericton to meet with the team and checkin with the coach. This has me SUPER EXCITED… but also mentally freaking out on so many levels.

Offseason thou art a cruel and heartless mental game bitch.

Happy Friday!

  1. I am 100% unable to go to the store and just buy those items either. With a list-I always add bonus items HAHAHA. 😉

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