Lesson Learned

Posted: June 18, 2012 in Uncategorized

… of course the hard way.

I’m not doing so hot today. Like… at all.

Yet I admit I feel 10X better than I did at 3am. Yesterday I cheated. Nothing major. Well, in the cheat sense. In the coolness factor it was pretty major.

burgers Um yeah, how my sister in law comes up with these ideas is beyond me. With two kids at home she still manages to make these awesome desserts…. and I’ll admit I’m in aw that she always has her nails painted.

I feel like a major fail.

Anyway. That’s a vanilla cupcake, with a mini brownie for the burger, some frosting and sugar cookie fries.

I had one, and mentally don’t regret it one little bit. Competing body/physically wise I don’t regret it either.

Physically as in my gluten/dairy/sugar free body I do regret it. I had NO idea my body would react the way it did and it’s not fun.

The plan for the week is water, water, water…. and more water…. I am so swollen it hurts to touch my stomach.

Um yeah, who knew?

I guess with family coming to town in three weeks it’s better I learn my lesson now so maybe, just maybe, (I’m not holding my breath) I’ll remember this painful lesson and stick to my plan while they’re here.

Here’s hoping anyway.

Sadly it had to happen 6 days before I meet with my coach. Awesome. Here’s hoping the 6 months preggo look has disappeared by then.

And now…. I’d best get my butt moving, I need to leave for work very very soon (and a shower may be a good idea)

Do you find now that you’re healthier that you notice how your body reacts more to one food group or another? …or am i just crazy?

  1. sglgirl says:

    i had cake and beer on saturday to celebrate the bday…talk about carb baby, so bad it hurt because it didnt feel like my tummy could stretch any further. suffered for it yesterday and a little this morning too. no regrets other than knowing the consequences associated to indulging.

  2. Sable@SquatLikeALady says:

    Ahhh this is totally legit – happens to me ALL the time these days. Any time I eat anything even remotely off-plan, it’s a nightmare.

  3. I can totally tell my body reacts a ton when I eat foods I normally stay away from. Especially salt! I bloat so quickly and easily!

    Those desserts look amazing! I wish I was crafty like that and could bake fun items for people!

  4. anonymous says:

    When you stop eating certain foods your body stops or reduces the amount of enzymes needed to break down those foods. When you eat them again your body reacts accordingly.

  5. My body def does. When I eat more carbohydrates (now) I can def feel it and I feel like crap.

  6. You’re not crazy at all! Me too! Once I cleaned up my diet and eliminated bad stuff like soy, sugar, etc. my body reacts 10 times as much when I eat it now which can happen by accident with soy if something isn’t labelled well or if I go to a restaurant and don’t know. So, it’s a great reminder (the hard way) to stick to my meal prep!

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