Prep Update: 20-Something Weeks Out

Posted: June 19, 2012 in Uncategorized

Um Yeah, totally have no idea on the countdown right now. Oops. Who knew ms OCD would suddenly turn into "ms I dont know”?

Anyway. I’m competing in November. It’s a couple months away and I’m not “dieting” so it doesn’t almost seem real.

Diet wise I’m feeling MUCH better after my lovely blow up Sunday evening. I can actually see something that resembles my ankles again! Continuing on with water water water and um, the gym for legs eventually today…. I kind of sort of slept in. That never happens.

Before the weekend my diet had been going really well, sticking to the plan and yes, gaining weight… but in the appropriate way. In response to my checkin photos to the coach this weekend he replied with I’m looking bigger (the positive side of bigger) which is exactly what we wanted.

june 2 031june 16 front

I admit it’s kind of been hard. Who really wants to get bigger in the summer. While everyone else is scrambling to get a “bikini body” I sometimes feel like i”m throwing mine away to have an even BETTER one in November when um yeah, no one is rocking a bikini in Canada.

For all intensive purposes I know I still look good in a bathing suit and I’m comfortable… it’s just a mind &%$^ if you know what I mean. It really does help me keep on track with the diet though. As much as I want to say “well I have to gain size anyway, it might as well be from icecream” I know in my head that icecream weight is not the same as steak and sweet potato weight and gently remind myself this when the internal argument begins.

june 2 005  june 16 rt side

I’m meeting with the coach and team on Saturday. I’ll only have three workouts left in GVT starting Saturday and he’s already working on a new plan to take the focus even more on my upper body than the whole package. My legs are a strong point for me and while we’re not about to neglect that training, we need to shift focus and I’m excited. Hopefully that will bring some big changes.

So for another two weeks…. there’s the progress update.

How are your summer goals coming along?

  1. Lisa says:

    I love your faces in your progress pics =) Anyway, yay for bigger! You rock!

  2. Sable@SquatLikeALady says:

    Your tummy is flat like WOAH girl you still look amazing in a bikini!!!!

  3. Ana says:

    You look great!!! I like your goals and can’t wait to see you compete again in November.

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