Keeping Busy Doing Nothing

Posted: June 20, 2012 in Uncategorized

Do you ever have one of those days where you feel so busy…. yet feel like nothing got done?

Yeah, that was yesterday.

I woke up at 7 to pee. Lately that means I’m up. There might be a bit of dozing until my 8:30 alarm, but yeah, i don’t go back to sleep. Knowing this I didn’t set an alarm. I had no big plans and figured I’d be up early like usual.

Next thing I knew I opened my eyes, checked my phone and it was 9:58. Um Oops? I can’t remember the last time I slept that late. Even driving home from Atlantics and getting home at 3am I was up at 8 the next day. Random, but in my lovely self diagnosis from Sunday’s cheat a  big side effect of a gluten intolerance is lack of energy soooooooooo maybe?

Another side effect from Sunday?

june 16 003

Isn’t my sunburnt nose awesome? I was only wearing spf 10…. but my makeup is spf 18…. yet my nose is the only thing that burnt. I clearly need to invest in a better brand of coverup because my Gosh crap from the drug store clearly didn’t help much.

Anyway, since I overslept everything just felt… off. I was planning to head out East to the gym to train legs, yet by the time I was up, awake and full of food and coffee, and showered it was just past my window of working out. aka it was after noon.

So what did I do? I cleaned. Scary, but true. I have no idea where it came from, it started with wiping down the bathroom sink and ended up with a full bathroom scrubbing, putting away my clean clothes, organizing the bedroom, cleaning off the dining room table, meal prep and cleaning the kitchen. I finished and was like “where did that idea come from?”

Maybe due to the fact Fritz has me convinced there is a mouse living under my stove.

june 16 002

Way back when my brother left his rugby bag in the front room after practice. During practice a field mouse had hopped into the bag. When we woke up the cats had cornered it under the dvd player in the living room and were sitting there staring. The past two nights Fritz hasn’t come to bed, when I’ve woken up he’s been sitting staring at the stove, insanely tense and when I bent down to pet him he jumped two feet in the air.

When I moved in the previous tenant also left a bag of mouse traps. While my rental lady told me there was no reports of mice, I’m now paranoid. Very very paranoid. Let’s be honest, my declawed lazy ass fat cat is NOT going to be the one killing any mice and I’m not too sure I’m going to be much better. Awesome.

I met up with mom when she got off work for the big annual Paderno sale they have at the hockey arena here. I’ve been waiting on this sale for weeks now. I needed a new big pan as mine was well…. just dead… and I was not disappointed.

june 16 007

Was totally on the “scratch and dent/one of a kind” table, but we couldn’t find any scratches, dents or defects and the 25$ price tag couldn’t be beat. I’ve already used it twice and love it. I hate buying cheap kitchen stuff, but hate spending a ton of money so this sale rocks my socks. I have a smaller frying pan I got at the sale 2 years ago and it still looks almost new so it’s worth it.

The rest of my day was pretty lame, I went for a walk to the grocery store for almond milk. I was thinking about going to go a quick cardio, but figured putting on my nike’s and walking fast to the store would be better. Plus an hour long walk beats 12 minutes of cardio right?

I came home and put the almond milk to work making my protein shakes for the week. Which of course included a #fail moment… but at least I didn’t melt anything this week.

june 16 008

  … and finally. Two funnies to end the day.

I was reading an article posted on the Blueprint facebook on why dairy isn’t necessary. I had to laugh when I read the tips for dealing with dairy.

june 16 004

Time to leash up the cow….

And today is actually mom’s birthday. Since I’m not going to see her today, I gave her her birthday card yesterday when we were at the sale.

 june 16 005  

Inside it simply says “so here”

Yes. I’m lame.

Happy birthday to my mom.

Have a great day everyone!

  1. Ha when that happens though doesn’t it feel great! I love when my body will sleep in (which it rarely does).

  2. That is actually how I feel today. I’ve been seriously so unproductive omg. (and I needed to get a lot done!).

  3. It’s been close to 100 the past two days which means my productivity is pretty much 0. It’s too hot to just about anything!!!

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