Where Ive Been Spending My Time

Posted: June 25, 2012 in Uncategorized

I have a cold. Um…. huh? It started Saturday night, I honestly thought it was my allergies. But no, I woke up Sunday morning feeling like I got hit by a  truck. I’m stuffed up and achy. Totally weird. Oh well.

Saturday was an awesome team training session up in Fredericton. We all did our own thing (as we always do) but it’s nice knowing there is someone always around to spot you or help you get in those last few reps. (which was great at the time, but now that spot I had on incline chest press is hurting…  bad). Jody floated around and took time with everyone to see how they’re doing, catch up, etc etc.

I think my favorite comment was from the coach… “I walked in and it was like phew… everyone’s been spending their time in the gym and not the ice cream shop”. Yes. That is definitely where a lot of my time has been spent and I’m glad it’s paying off. Bigger and better, that’s all I can ask for come November.

blueprint We’re all now 20 weeks out and to get up there this early in the game and meet a new teammate, catch up with everyone and get just get that little team motivational kick in the butt was beyond words what I needed right now.

Thankfully with better weather, living in Saint John and having a steady job I’ll hopefully be able to get up more often. Gas is like six cents a liter cheaper up there so it’s almost worth the drive just to get gas. Ugh. Stupid gas.

So 20 weeks out. I feel like that should be some big kick in the ass but it still doesn’t seem real. I just keep referring to it as “November” and yeah, it’s only June. I haven’t even been to the beach yet, I haven’t had any vacation, it’s just… unreal ya know? Maybe I’m just crazy. Also the fact that I notoriously prepped for 6 months (or longer my first year) for shows and that included 40 minutes of am cardio 6 days a week and I’m now doing 9 minutes twice every five days…. yeah, that might also be why it’s not quite real. Why tons of cardio = prep to me after Atlantics I don’t know, but it’s just one of those things.

I’ve got a very busy few weeks coming up here. This week is business as usual, then Saturday morning bright and early I’ll (most likely) be heading up to Cap Pele to spend the day/night with my parents camping. Then…. I head back Sunday late afternoon for a holiday shift at work, then I will be picking up any and all shifts I can since the second week in July I have family coming in and want to be able to take a few voluntary time off days… but not lose the cash. Tomorrow is a full rest day so there will be a ton of meal prep, lots of portioned out foods in the freezer and everything I need to keep me fed and happy… and more importantly on track going forward.

twenty weeks. It’s on.

  1. Super cute pic!!! Love all the muscle in that frame!! =)

    I also hate being on hourly pay vs salary and wanting to take days off…. it’s so tough to have to make choices like that but what are ya gonna do, ya know? =(

  2. My Dad’s from Cap-Pele. Spent a looooooooot of time there growing up, and I miss it. Could use some time on Plage de l’Aboiteau.

  3. Have a good rest day tomorrow! I have felt the same way about some of my races-like I prepared for my last one (the second weekend as your comp…and my next big on is in Nov…anyways we need to stop that) but it really just doesn’t seem real anything in between. I have had zero motivation lately.

  4. Tenecia says:

    I love the team pic! Everyone is so good lookin’ 🙂


  5. You look great and you sound so happy 🙂

  6. redkeeney says:

    Hope you are feeling better today, and that your fridge is full of little containers. mmm mmmm… batch cooking! 🙂

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