Unplanned Absence

Posted: June 30, 2012 in Uncategorized

Someone politely texted me to inform me I need to update.

lulu While looking for an LOLcat to signal I’m talking about Michelle I found this. She is a Lulu whore and I am a hockey fan. It works.

(Hi Michelle. You’re welcome)

I intended to take Monday off blogging. My day off on Tuesday rolled around and I was just…. cranky.

Wednesday, Thursday and Friday I worked ten hour days and worked out three days in a row. Yeah. THREE WHOLE DAYS IN A ROW. I never do that. But in order for this weekend to happen, that needed to happen.

Between work, the gym, insanely crappy weather, my snotty nose and my snotty attitude I just haven’t felt like blogging. Every time I even began to think about a post all that would run through my mind is “blah blah blah… cranky… “

Friday was my last german volume training workout. Sixty days of building post show done. (it’s been TWO MONTHS since atlantics?!?) I’ve made some big gains which I fully intend to break down the numbers on next week, but I will say this, yes I did beat my 135 flat bench. Done and done. But even with being 95% strict on my diet I still have felt… I can’t believe I’m going to use this word…. fat. All.week.long.

I’m leaner NOW than I was on stage at my first show yet the mind &^$^ of building is getting to me. I’m feeling a bit better, but it’s been a struggle. I received my new workout this week and it’s 45 more days of building. A very slight cardio increase (um… 1 minute) means nothing really and yeah. I’m 19 weeks out today and it’s scary in my head to be building. I know I’m staying leaner than ever before, but it’s hard to let go of the past ways I had.

Regardless…. I AM feeling better now. I’m tired and could use some sleep, but that can wait. My bags are packed, my meals prepped and ready to go, the feline is fed and watered and I’m off to a quick stop at the market for my Javamoose and hitting the road. I have to be back for a short shift Sunday night (holiday pay… couldn’t say no), but until then after a quick stop in Moncton for a mini shopping trip I am off to the beach to hang with the parentals for the next day and a half.

I will be lazy. I will relax. I will wear sunscreen. I will eat my meals on plan.

Most importantly, I will just be me. Resting and chilling for the mini long weekend.

aug 13 017 So if I’m not back before Monday, Happy Canada Day, please don’t call your cell phone company as I plan on sitting around reading and not working when I AM “working”, and I’ll be back soon with lots of rants about boobs and cardio and winning… and my thoughts on GVT and how leg pressing 12 plates is apparently scary from a 5’3 chick.

  1. More than a 135 bench? AND leg pressing 12 plates??? Sounds like this building phase is working beautifully!!!!

  2. Enjoy your mini vacation, you certainly deserve it!

  3. 12 plates??????????

    have a great weekend!!!

  4. I’m glad to see you alive and striving. Your workouts always amaze me. Have fun this weekend!

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