That German Volume Thing

Posted: July 3, 2012 in Uncategorized

I got my new workout plan last week.

My first thought :“ohhh this looks fun!”

My thought after the first heavy sets : “fml”

My thoughts at the midway point : “someone please shoot me and put me out of my misery &*^@*&$%#@*^%$#*^”

My thoughts at the end of the workout : “I’m going to have to crawl up three flights of stairs to my home tonight”

Yeah. It’s a bitch of a workout. I loved/hated every single second of it. I was a bit shocked on my strength on some exercises. My legs are currently feeling like jello and I fear waking up tomorrow. Should be interesting.

This began my second phase of building. Another 45 days of this (give or take). Four days on, with one or two rest days. The rep range changes every four days. It’s…. different. But I think I’ll enjoy it.

As for the first 60 days post show and german volume training. Well… I really loved the program in the beginning. It was really different than what I had been doing in the weeks leading up to the show. I had my favorite exercises and lots of volume (thanks for stating the obvious) and it was challenging. But honestly… by the end I was over it. Sixty days of the same thing was long and tedious in the end. I was still giving it my all, but not feeling 100% about it.

After thirty days my exercises all changed, but my results should have been about a 9-10% strength gain over the 30 days. Unfortunately I was just shy of that mark with my gains all being in the 8.2-8.9% range and while it wasn’t the best, I’m still happy with it and proud of the work I put in.

To add 25 lbs to my flat bench in 30 days and beat my old 135 PR was awesome. I added 30lbs to my deadlift and…. went from 8 to 12 plates on leg press.

Not too shabby if I do say so myself.

There’s definitely been a lot of positive changes in my body. Yes, I’m bigger. Yes, some of it is fat. But… I am bigger in the positive way as my coach says. I feel like the composition is changing of my body, I feel more solid, I have more definition and obviously more strength.

It hasn’t been easy. I’ve felt huge, I’ve felt tiny. There’s been ups and downs and in general growing (especially as a chick… in the summer) is a huge mind &*%^. I know it’s what’s needed and that’s why I’m not questioning the plan and just moving forward. The mental struggles are something I’ve been getting better with dealing with, but they’re still there. It’s just taking things one day at a time, reminding myself to slow down and rest when I need to and pushing everyday im in the gym.

So that’s that. Onward and upward right? 19 weeks out. This shit’s going to get real fast.

  1. Christina B. says:

    I know exactly how you feel. I have gained about 12-15 pounds during my bulking phase and I don’t start cutting until August. Summer and feeling not so sexy is not so awesome.

    But this is a phase.

    We will be stronger for it in the end – both body and mind.


  2. way to really listen to your body and realize the changes come in flows!

  3. I am feeling your pain. I’ve just started my program and have at least 10 lbs to gain. It’s really disconcerting when you wake up in the morning and your stomach is no longer flat. Argh.

    Today is glutes and shoulders… but I’m still sore from leg day. Should be a fun one. 🙂

  4. haha hot topic today!!! CONGRATS on the strength gains!!! I can’t wait to see how much more mass you bring to the stage in your next show! 😀

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