For All Intensive Purposes

Posted: July 4, 2012 in Uncategorized

So I packed my bags and left for the weekend wanting to just chill out, relax and be normal.

…. While I was MY normal, I really don’t think I was normal.

june 16 009

On rest days I have a helluva time getting in enough water and often find myself with a headache because of it… for this reason I often drink out of a gallon jug when I’m not training to make sure I get in at least a gallon.

It was so frickin hot up at the beach saturday there was a lot more than a gallon drank, but it’s better to be prepared.

After a quick stop for some JavaMoose (Maple flavored… how cute for canada day weekend) and then again in Moncton at the mall for a bath and body works/H&M/Aldo stop I was off to the beach and got to my parents campground around noon. It was hot. Like OMG hot. I was already in my bathing suit so while the parents got ready for the beach I drank the last of my David’s iced tea and had my lunch… and then….

june 16 010

All of the perks of Parlee beach in Shediac but without the pricetag, 39576483756287432 people and crazies. Plus I’m 99% sure the water was warmer. Yes, it was so hot I actually went in the water. That never happens. I’m much more of a lay on my chair/towel and be a bum.

It was a perfect and relaxing day at the beach. We headed up to the trailer around four to cool off and start dinner. Mom and I played bingo (… um… the prize was lobsters. Yeah, we’re not maritimers or anything)

june 16 012

It was sprinkling/lightening and windy so we didn’t bother with a campfire. Honestly the best thing about campfires is beer/smores/jiffy pop so I was kind of okay we didn’t have one lol

I slept in gym shorts and a sports bra. I seriously told myself I  might run when I got up. I WANTED to run.

…. I did not run.

Good intentions people. Good intentions.

There was a super nice breeze on Sunday that cut down on the heat factor. Which was awesome since it was the day I had to leave, which meant the parents had knew visitors arriving around noon. As soon as they arrived we all changed and headed back down to the beach.

june 16 013

Stella took off (… like a baby sea turtle I said) towards the water.

Griffin and I spent quite some time picking clams and finding crabs and I even managed to find a teeny starfish (that was growing back one of his arms!).

june 16 014

My dad: Griffin, do you like the beach?

Griffin: No

Dad: Do you want to go home?

Griffin: No

Oh kids.

Sadly before I knew it the clock struck 1:45 and I had to say goodbye to this lovely scene.

june 16 015

I walked up to the trailer, showered the sand and salt off me and got dressed… for work.

I kept reminding myself that I’m THANKFUL that I was making the two hour drive back to Saint John for work and not like two years ago when we made the two hour drive back home, then the 40 minute drive to the airport, a two hour flight and an hour commute back to my house to go to work. This was what made last year all worth it, know I can have these family moments and get away without the 800$ flights and tears as we’re heading down the runway.

and…. a conversation I had with Michelle about my body imagine/thoughts on bulking in the summer. Yes, I feel “big”. I don’t always feel like myself and it’s not easy but when it comes down to it… for all intensive purposes, I’m still “in shape”. If I saw someone on the beach who looked like me I’d probably guess they played some form of sport… although I admit while chasing down a piece of garbage that went flying away in the wind I felt anything but athletic sprinting in my bikini, but that’s a while other thing.

photo (17)

So  yeah, I got to relax, spend time with family and just chill the &*#& out for a few days, but I also got a gentle reminder that my off season could be a lot worse… I could be up 40+ lbs (umm… hello the last two years) and REALLY feeling chubs… or I could be blissfully ignorant of a number on the scale and enjoying life, getting stronger and building some size.

Yeah, I think I know which one I’ll choose. Especially knowing my lifestyle allows me the luxury of NOT being in hardcore prep right now when the fam comes to visit next week I can have a treat if I want and it’s not going to leave me sobbing over blowing prep (… at 18 weeks out). I had a long conversation (okay several) about this with Michelle in recent weeks and I’m feeling like i’m heading towards a really good place. Sure I’m not quite “there”, but I’m heading there. I’ve got the physical aspect of the game perfected, it’s just a matter of getting the head game right on point and nothing will be able to stop me after that.

What’s easier for you? the physical game or the mental aspect?

  1. Liz says:

    I’m glad you had a fun weekend at the beach! I just went to the Outer Banks, NC last Saturday–met up with some friends that I haven’t seen since I moved away from Charlottesville. But it was a blast! Better than Virginia Beach (where I actually live now, ha!)!

    Fave line from this post: “I WANTED to run…. I did not run.” That’s me yesterday. Well today. Yesterday I got in about 2.5 miles. Today? Not so much. 9 hours on my feet at work takes a toll!

  2. Lisa says:

    Oh I’m the same way on my weekends- not nearly enough water so I try and drag a gallon around with me too! =)

    Jealous of the beach, but sure glad you got to get away and have an awesome time!

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