Being Single Sucks

Posted: July 5, 2012 in Uncategorized

So I have a guest blog to write.

About marriage/weddings/etc. My take on that? Yeah, how I feel about being the single girl… at my age… at every single wedding.

Hell, people don’t even say “you’re next” to me, it’s just that sad look of “oh Becca’s still single”

Hey people, deal. I do.

singlesucks I totally admit dating in Montreal was well.. kind easy. A couple million people, one bad date and the chances of me randomly running into that guy are slim to none.

“Sure I’ll call”

… Hope he wasn’t waiting by the phone.

Small town living is… a little different. Especially when you’re not into that whole bar star thing.


… and there’s a good chance you’re going to run into that person in the grocery store, or Javamoose or that person turns out to know 3 of your family members and have 9869876 mutual friends on facebook.

I get that my lifestyle is different and obviously that’s going to take a hell of a person to deal with my crazy (… what? You thought I was talking about prep? yeah no)… but it’s just hard. Sure it doesn’t help that I date the wrong people (um… anyone else remember mr "it’s okay you’re chubby, I like you anyway”???) but small town living makes this a lot harder.

baddec Those days are clearly long over.

So to my single friends out there…. how do YOU deal with being single through wedding season. I’m really interested to hear from anyone a little older too… mostly so we can come up with snappy comebacks together.

My favorite will always be “if I wanted something drooling on me I’d get a puppy”.

Yes. I said that.

I actually kind of like being single. I admit it. It’s… easy. Does that make sense? I don’t need to plan my day around anyone else or worry about anything other than me. I can sit here in my housecoat drinking my coffee and yelling at fritz to stop chewing on my plant (again) without thinking “oh crap, do I have mascara smudged under my eyes and bedhead? mystery gone”. There’s no need to justify the gym or my meals or explain for the umpteenth time why I can’t have beer and pizza.

Yes, the right person will respect all of that, but I’ve been single so long it’s just habit. So any help or comments would be greatly appreciated!

  1. I agree with that statement, being single is easy. You only have your schedule and your priorities but at the same time I always wish I had someone to spend some time with or care about me in that way. I wish I could give the magic answer but I am in the same boat.

  2. thefitwriter says:

    Try being divorced. 😉

    You’re in your 20s, right? I can not believe anyone thinks there’s anything wrong/different/worth commenting on about being single in your 20s. That’s the time TO BE single!

    I wouldn’t even give it or them another thought quite honestly 🙂

  3. sglgirl says:

    single through the wedding season does not bother me in the least. honestly being one of those older people you mentioned and having been married before, i can honestly say i feel sorry for alot of these young people who get married so young and think life will be a dream……reality check, it is not a dream. it takes alot of hard work and patience to tolerate someone in your space and face all the time, sometime being questioned to where you are going, when you will be back and who are you going with. i think for now i will stick with my whole casual friend or nothing scenerio and continue living single and only answering to the one person that matters……ME.

  4. That is honestly how I felt honestly when I was in my college town…I turned down one guy and ignored him and starting seeing him everyone. It was…terrible…

  5. Robyn says:

    even in a city of four million you can run into someone – just happened to me last weekend! But to answer how I deal with it – I’m 100% fine with being single. People just look at me like they don’t believe it. Men love to tell me, “you need a man” — uhhh, no I don’t. I usually just tell people the equivalent of your post. I do what I want to do, exactly when I want to do it. Why would I want to mess that up? Oh, and I’m in my 30s. If that counts as “older” 🙂 ha.

  6. bikiniorbust says:

    Who cares! I am married and I don’t have kids. I have been married for 12 years, talk about being weird. hah! I am totally crazy. Heck, you just have to be happy in your own skin, no matter what your relationship status is.

    So how do you handle the crazy people at weddings? Just ask them awkward questions or respond truthfully even if its weird. If they think you’re broken, who cares! That’s their issue. If you were not single, they would want to know when you were getting married. Once you get married, they want to know when you’re having kids. Once you have kids, they want to know when you’re going back to work. Once you’re back at work, they want to know when you’ll retire….you know? People project their insecurities on others.

    My favorite answer to the ‘why don’t you have kids?’ question is, ‘I don’t want them.” Then I smile and let them feel stressed.

    Go stress ’em out and have fun.

  7. Mitchy says:

    I hope I feel that way. We’ll see. Way too soon to tell yet but I’m giving it a try. Sad today but after… 25+ years constantly in one relationship or another, no wonder I don’t know how to be single!

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