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Posted: July 21, 2012 in Uncategorized

june 2 002 Still doing the gym thing… Did not go to Fredericton this morning. Team training was canceled and that cancelled my good mood. I did not want to train today. My leg workout was a big bag of suck. My head was about 100km away in Fredericton. Just not feeling it. Ugh.

july 20 004

But still eating right on plan. Lots and lots of steak and veggie protein.

july 20 012

… and even more steak.

july 20 005

and eating oatmeal in the car…. (and not spilling any!)

july 20 003

Avoiding these wonderful things that have suddenly popped up in Cole’s stores here. Ugh. #fail

july 20 009

A new diet I’d love to try

july 20 002

     Finally took this weed down to separate it. It was growing way too fast up in the skylight and was overtaking the potjuly 20 007

…. So I made a huge mess

july 20 006

       and now Fritz is loving being stretched out on the back of the couch waiting for his moment to leap off and grab a chunk of the plant that is now hanging right beside him. Ughjuly 20 013  When you know… he’s not deciding to be super cuddling in 30 degree weather

july 20 010

…. and if you can’t tell from the mild sunburn and bikini in the fritz photo, I’ve been spending some time in places such as this.

  1. LOL. Well I’m glad it’s been relaxing and the gym is going well. 🙂 My cat lays in the same spot.

  2. I love when pets find the strangest places to lay, makes my day.

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