Quit Worrying

Posted: July 26, 2012 in Uncategorized

I fully intended to write about my new diet and all that jazz today, but last night when I got home I got comparing my current plan to the first one I received with Blueprint and well, it’s kind of crazy.

… in a very good way.

I’m due for 15 week out progress photos this weekend and figure this whole story will go much better with photo comparisons.

I will say for now I feel 938687587687 times more awesome on my new meal plan, I already feel leaner (Yes, all in my head) and feel like it’s all beginning (and real… very real). There are very good things on the horizon for this prep and I’m super excited.

Last Saturday’s team training was sadly cancelled, but it’s on for THIS Saturday and you bet your butt I’m heading up for that. There was talking of a gym switch for a posing session after. Ugh. Scary, but it’s gotta get done right?

So yes…. the other thing. My post from yesterday. Thank you all for the kind words and messages. I wrote that Monday night while I admit I was still all sorts of emotional. I was up until almost 2am sorting out some issues and well, clearing the air. I’m choosing to not let the drama into my life, but I will say that the moment you start to believe what you know isn’t the truth is when you need to walk away.

People are full of mind games, I’ve always been good at judging people and knowing the truth, but this time even though I knew something wasn’t right I wasn’t listening to my head and yeah, didn’t work out so well. Thankfully the people who actually matter know the truth and more importantly I know the truth. I felt much better waking up yesterday, clarity is a wonderful thing and I was full of it.

I could sit here and worry about what people think and how I’m perceived. Maybe things are being said, maybe they’re not. I don’t know and frankly I don’t really care. At the end of the day I’m happy with who I am and where I’m going and that’s all that matters.

worry It’s really as easy as that.

  1. I am so glad you feel more encouraged by the new plan and were able to sort things out. It is all mind games for me sometimes so getting out of my own head works wonders!

  2. Being all in your head is half the battle. If you feel leaner in your mind-you’ll look it on stage! Love this post!

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