Better Get an Entry for Marathon By the Sea Ready

Posted: July 29, 2012 in Uncategorized

So I didn’t end up in Fredericton today. Long story. I shall try again in two weeks when Jody and Julie are back from the CBBF Nationals. Things just haven’t gone as planned this week. It happens.

I did get out to Quispam to try a different gym location. Um… there is natural light there, dumbbells in 2.5lb increments and the AC seems to actually WORK. Was a very very nice change. I can see myself heading out there on occasion for a switch up. A change of scenery and new people always makes for a good workout.

There is only two workouts left in my (last???) bulking phase so I have no idea what is in store for me after Tuesday. New plan? More cardio? Rinse and repeat on the bulking workout? Who knows. We shall see tomorrow when I send in my check in.

After the gym I headed out to the parents to do some laundry and take advantage of the deck for some quality time with the sun. Only the dark clouds of doom rolled in so I took advantage of cable and watched some Degrassi and actually microwaved my meals instead of eating them cold like I would have at home. I’m that lazy/ghetto.

july 20 014

When I finally finished my 6pm meal I knew I had to get my butt moving and do my cardio I slacked on this morning (in favor of laying in the sun… good plan). My first thought was gym. My second thought was couch. My third thought was park. A quick text to Michelle on gym vs park had me pulling on the speed shorts and hitting the road.

july 20 015

I used to run the Nature Park back when I thought I was a “hardcore” gym go-er athlete. I always carried my inhaler (and almost always needed to use it) and wanted to die/quit/walked half the time. I really don’t know what my intentions were, I mean I really did only have 10-12 minutes of cardio to do, but whatever, off I went.

july 20 016

There was really no blazing speeds or heaviness. I did notice I was almost doing intervals… mostly because I slowed to a jog going up hills. The Nike+ on my phone was set just out of curiosity and I held about a 9 minute mile for about 4 miles.

…. Keep in mind that A) I’m not a runner B) I hate running C) I haven’t done more than 12 minutes of cardio in…. 3 months?

I’m really not “in shape” like I once was when I did a lot more cardio or ran a lot of interval sprints, but hey, I can’t complain. I didn’t want to die. That’s a bonus right?

july 20 019

When I got back to the car I grabbed my water and walked down to the beach to relax for a bit. Sadly the mosquitoes were out in full force and I”m 99% sure I have at least 983648792346587658 bites from my 5 minutes there but I couldn’t resist. the beach was empty and I was H-O-T. How I used to run in the 40+ degree humidity in Montreal I don’t know…. and don’t even want to think about doing that again

july 20 021

Nothing like ending a run with your feet in the Bay.

… yet one more perk of running on the East coast vs the city. Soft trails and beautiful scenery. I saw a fox. Back in Montreal it was concrete, boring buildings and stray cats.

Gee, I wonder which I prefer?

july 20 023

And FYI: the title is a joke. I have zero intentions of entering any races anytime soon. Trust me.

  1. So beautiful,I wish I had trails near me to run on.

  2. I am super jealous of your naturistic running. I’m trying to make that into a verb but it’s clearly not happening ha. Anyways when I saw the title I was wondering but I quickly figured that out. 😉

  3. lifttorun says:

    I’ll run for you any day of the week. Haha. (:

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