Too Lazy to Show It

Posted: August 2, 2012 in Uncategorized

First off… Thank you all so so much for the kind, sweet and encouraging words on my posts this week. I’m feeling much better about everything “life” wise, which in turn makes me happier in the gym sense. I took some steps to fix some mistakes I have made and well, it paid off. Very happy chick over here.

Secondly… it’s no big secret that I work ten hour days. I love my ten hour shifts because it means I get three days off a week, but I hate my ten hour shifts because they’re ten hours long haha double edged sword right?

Having three days off a week (Sat/Sun/Tues) has allowed me to take advantage of the overtime being offered and work a full 8 hour shift once a week on Sundays (I could work more, but the intention just isn’t there). I’ve been taking someone’s shift, so it’s scheduled and I HAVE to be there (if I just said “yeah maybe I’ll go in sunday” it probably wouldn’t happen) and while Sunday’s have been slowwwwww (knock on wood!) it’s starting to catch up to me.

Between training, work and just life… it just feels like a lot. I’ve honestly never worked a lot of overtime. My old jobs were salaried and if I worked overtime it was an hour here and there to take a couple days off when needed. Not a whole extra shift every week. Yes, it’s nice I can pay off prep and start my suit fund, but still… I’m starting to be kind of over it.


I can count on one hand (umm… one finger) the number of times I’ve worn real pants (excluding my bf fit baggy ass cargos) this summer and it’s a one hand count for the number of times I’ve worn heels or dressed up. Usually my excuse was always “it’s 40+ degrees, f-that” but um yeah it’s not. I’m often wearing a hoodie here and it’s cool enough for “real clothes” but I just don’t feel like it.

Stuffing a clean pair of lulus and a tank top/hoodie combo in my gym bag is just a lot less work than putting together an outfit. Especially considering my current state of just finished building/dieting/no idea what in my closet will actually fit right when I put it on.

So needless to say I’m kind of happy this is my last crazy week. Next Saturday starts our new shift and while I will have to work Sunday (as part of my new shift) I am going back to regular days four days a week with a short shift one day a week. Not the greatest, but I think mentally it will be a better fit for me, especially the further I get into prep. I also start later (… but ugh, finish at 1 am twice a week) so my morning workouts aren’t going away anytime soon which rocks.

Who knew I’d love my ten am gym time?

It’s now gym time… and it’s a lot more exciting knowing that I have my cardio clarification. On my workouts it just says a straight 20 minutes (none on leg day) and I just asked if it was the usual machine jumping, hiit stuff like last prep or steady state. My reply was something like “Just watch some tv or listen to a few songs, it’s simply for recovery, don’t push it, go easy and relax… and if you want cut it back to 15 minutes”

Twist my rubber arm.

  1. glad your schedule is getting back to what you want it to be, man those are long shifts!

  2. It’s weird – one overtime shift takes your week from feeling like 40 weeks to feeling like 60 weeks. lol! happens to me too.

    Jealous of your cardio instructions =0(

  3. lifttorun says:

    I work ten plus hours a day too. Five days a week luckily, but still. It takes a toll.

  4. I’m glad you are going back to something more relaxing. I can understand about burning the candle at five different angles. I frequently do that and end up more miserable!

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