Well That Worked Out

Posted: August 6, 2012 in Uncategorized

I made it no secret last week I was completely kicking myself for agreeing to my third Sunday overtime shift this week.

I kept telling myself it was only 9-5:30, Sundays are super slow, it’s time and a half pay… but nope, did not want.

It really didn’t help that when my alarm clicked on at 7am yesterday morning it was already clear and sunny outside. Like super nice looking. Overtime #fail.

But oh well, I scheduled it and sealed my fate two weeks ago on this one, time to suck it up. I showered and packed my meals and a change of clothes and hit the road. Literally. The busses don’t start until 9 am on Sundays (again #fail) so I was biking it. Which in all honesty, is not bad. Especially on early Sunday mornings. There are no cars on the road and it’s an easy, flat 7 or 8k.

Even though I left later than planned I still made it to work with PLENTY of time to spare. I chugged some water, checked and found out that the full travel mug of coffee I had in my backpack (that could have/should have been a bad idea) was still upright and intact, changed into my comfy Sunday work clothes and went to log into my computer.

Only I couldn’t.

At first I assumed I hadn’t had enough coffee or I wasn’t fully awake yet and was typing in passwords and such wrong. But no… nothing was working. Then I heard someone else saying the same thing. Turns out a glitch deleted some profiles from the system… mine included. Since it was Sunday there was a hell of a time getting ahold of the systems people to fix this, so I did the only thing I could in the meantime… Kicked my feet up on a chair and drank my coffee, chilled out and read my book… and waited.

…. and waited. The coffee was gone, I was already getting ready to reheat meal number four for the day. I was getting restless and bored. I was talking to people and knew that they can only allow me to stay on the clock for three hours.

At 11:50 I was halfway through my lunchtime meal (STARVING) when the supervisor walked over, asked if I wanted to leave and in response I shoved the rest of my food in and bolted. Don’t mind if I do!

Biking home at noon… in all black… with a backpack on… into a headwind… SUCKED. My legs were burning pretty bad at the end, but because of the headwind I didn’t notice the heat…. Until I walked into my apartment and put my bike away and it was like “hello sweat”. It was just miserable. Before I had left work I had called mom to confirm they were picking me up shortly, so I had a delicious cold shower and got ready.

There was talk of the beach, but the fog was rolling in fast and thick. So we went for a drive down the coast. We stopped at THE blueberry people.

photo (19)

It’s this little fruit stand looking store on the side of the highway in a tiny little town. But like the box says, wild blueberries. They are awesome. I was seriously tempted by the vanilla icecream with homemade sugar free blueberry sauce, but instead stuck with a german chocolate cake coffee and helped mom carry her 5lbs of blueberries, homemade pie and shortcake to the truck.

We ended up going to visit friends at their camp in the area since the beach was fogged out… then headed back home.

Lazy afternoon of Toddlers and Tiaras followed and then an evening with the kids. Yesterday was Gillian’s birthday (HAPPY BIRTHDAY!) so they were going out to dinner and the kiddos came over for a sleepover. I got to bbq (um… so much better than microwaved dinner… again) and we went for a walk around the block.  photo (20)

Mom clearly only leaves Stella in my care when she’s strapped in an busy with some blueberries.

…. Thankfully.

Dad dropped me back in town around 9:30 and for the first time in forever I was in bed at 10:30. It felt awesome.

It really was a nothing extraordinary, lazy day, but it was so so so nice. No gym, meals had been prepped in advance, just doing whatever and not worrying about being here or there or everywhere at a certain time. I could sit and bitch about losing 5 hours of overtime… but then I can sit here and remind myself I’m working my full ten hour shift today at double time and a half thanks to the holiday here and that missed overtime is not so missed anymore.

Happy New Brunswick Day!

…. aka happy fake made up excuse for a holiday!

  1. oh my goodness what I would do for receiving a box of blueberries. my heaven.

  2. I agree about overtime. I have taken so many shifts that I have regretted when I wake up that morning. Now I def don’t ask for any. I’m glad your weekend was at least pretty decent and plenty of blueberries forever. 😉

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