Finally Declaring a Goal

Posted: August 7, 2012 in Uncategorized

Way back in Nov/December I deadlifted 200lbs for one rep.

It was my intention, I did deadlifts first, worked up to it and did it.

… and it was f-ing HARD.

Then prep happened, cardio happened and I didn’t always have deadlifts in my workout so that was the end of that.

phone 1591 I did have deadlifts here and there in my building phase, but never as the huge main focus and it was a matter of getting my strength up there after all those hiit cardio sessions and prep dieting.

I made some really awesome gains, but 200 seemed to elusive to me for some reason. It’s 200lbs after all right?

My latest, greatest workouts have deadlifts back in them. Sandwiched pretty much right in the middle after leg extension drop sets, squats and hamstring curls… but before the evilness that is walking lunges and leg press.

After biking to and from work Sunday I wasn’t really expecting to have any big gains in strength this week, but I went into the gym with a pretty awesome attitude and figured I’d see where I could go with it. Not just my right, but both freaking hips have been really tight lately (I blame the higher volume of leg work on non-leg days… it’s an adjustment period for this old lady) but they felt pretty much okay during my warmup so I figured I’d be good.

Started with my leg extensions, got through the squats adding a few more pounds. Nothing huge, I honestly hate back squats with a passion, but know it’s a big move so I do as I’m told and push it. Did my next exercise then headed back over to start my deadlifts.

I was shocked last week when I put 135 on for my first set (12 reps) and it felt light and easy. I started a bit higher this week and kept adding weight for each of the four sets (my reps decrease every set right now for deads). After my fourth and final set at 185 I still felt good… like that was as much as I could handle for the 6 rep set, but I felt like there was something more, so I grabbed a few more plates and tossed them on.

200lbs total.

I set it up, got ready, and pulled two reps.

It wasn’t easy by any stretch of the imagination, but it was easier than I remember it being last time.

Just try and wipe the stupid grin I had on my face for the rest of the day off.

I know I’m not much for declaring goals on my blog. Well, other than the usual “I want to not gain 50lbs this offseason and come in leaner, bigger and better next show”… I do have goals in my head, usually around how much weight I’m pushing or how hard I’m going on cardio, but they’re generally just in my head. I find it easier that way and no one really cares if I add 2 more pullups to my workout this week do they? No, no they don’t.

But…. I still have about 4-5 weeks left on this training plan which includes deadlifts. I still don’t have much cardio (it was actually increased, then decreased. Long story) and I totally intend to keep getting stronger so here goes nothing.

I will deadlift 225lbs (four plates) by September 1st.

(even if it’s only for one rep)

And there you have it…. I’d better get to the gym and do some work.

  1. Setting goals always help me too, I need that motivation to work for it!

  2. Tara says:

    225lbs is a beastly goal! I’m trying to hit 200 myself. I know I can do it, I’m just terrified of doing a max attempt lift haha

  3. jen says:

    that is really impressive. i know that feeling when the weight suddenly feels light! i hit 187 recently but couldn’t get 199, so 200 is my current goal. good luck with 225 – that is a great goal for you.

  4. Ahmazing! I’m not nearly as close to that goal but you’re definitely an inspiration.

  5. Woooooooooohoo congrats!!! 200lb deadlift during prep is hardcore!

  6. redkeeney says:

    200 is awesome! That’s my goal too. I’m actually going to work on maxing out tomorrow…so thanks for the pep talk. 🙂

  7. You are a beast!!! Great job!!!!!

  8. lifttorun says:

    200 pounds?! Gosh darn. That’s impressive.

  9. I selected you for the Liebster Blog Award. See my most recent post for more details.

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