Feeling Good Versus Feeling Great

Posted: August 16, 2012 in Uncategorized

Awesome bike ride home last night.

… and by bike ride I mean the 9$ I spent on a cab home was the best 9$ I have ever spent.

I checked the weather before leaving and it was supposed to rain overnight. My hips were aching and I was taking a full rest day. A bike ride home would not be fitting into the rest thing.

Plus, this is my first week on the new shift. I had ZERO idea how 1am would feel to me. I’ve been staying up later, but 1am on the couch reading blogs is a lot different than 1am biking home. So I made a decision this week to cab it home and will adjust and work on the biking home thing next week. Baby steps.

And in awesome news… I realized when I got home last night this morning it’s my Friday today! For the first time since June I have two days off in a row. Relaxing, a jumbo flea market and who knows what else awaits me and I don’t even care. Two days off. So ready for this.

Sadly work was busy last night. Like super busy. Right up until midnight. Not impressed, but it made the day go by faster. I finally got Wheat Belly from the library (I’ve been waiting two months! Maybe three!) and had started reading a bit into it, and wow… eye opening.

When I started competing I always said never ever would I eat a strict meal plan. I’d never cut out food groups. I’d never give up cheats.

Never never never.

You know what they say. Never say never.

july 20 024 Thinking back on blog posts from a year or two ago I was often worn out, tired, had a lot of stomach issues… and even more stomach issues I kept to myself thanks to TMI syndrome.

Sure I felt “good”. I wasn’t 250lbs. I had the energy to workout and had a pretty decent body. I was achieving my goals, making progress and happy. But still… that lingering something that maybe something wasn’t right.

When I jumped into my current lifestyle last November it was a shock, I cut out a lot and the first few weeks were hard. I gave up my rice cakes, my sugar free syrup and jams, sugar free cream in my coffee was gone. No more Greek yogurt, whey or convenience.

jan 17 003 I found this photo from last summer… unsweetened chocolate almond milk… sugar free jam… sandwich thins… chocolate cheerios… Non-black coffee.

Umm… holy fake food overload.

The sad thing is this was never filling. Not satisfying.

Part of me misses some of this crap. Every now and then I catch myself in the grocery store staring down a bottle of sugar free maple syrup only to kick myself and remember a few months ago after atlantics when I bought a bottle and immediately felt like death after eating it.

The chemicals, the fillers, the scientific name sounding ingredients are gone from my life. Yes, I still have a packet of splenda in my coffee… but one packet is a whole lot different than the 4-5 I used to have (plus SF cream). I’m not perfect and I do slip, but I feel it right away when I do.

My lifestyle may be a little extreme and nuts, but the more I educate myself and learn how i react to certain things makes me enjoy this lifestyle of mine even more. People often gasp when I say no cheats. It is what it is. Even if I was to have a cheat meal offseason 99% of the time it’s a burger (no bum) and sweet potato fries… okay, with icecream. But still. It’s not what it was once upon a time.

And thanks to this… I finally went from good to great. I’ve got the results, I’ve got the health and I’ve got the positive mindset that comes from that.

I’ll take that over an overpriced jar of fake jam any day.

  1. So, as you know (if you remember – it’s been a while!) I am completely off of wheat, dairy, and all things “sugar-free” except for my packet of Splenda in my coffee, and I have to say – I feel MUCH much better too. I think there’s something to this!

  2. sglgirl says:

    I use stevia but am still on a whey blend for protein. Other than that I keep a sugar free, wheat free diet as well. I have actually just switched my protein powder to one that strives for gluten free plus adds a probiotic and it has made a slight difference.

  3. I definitely get what you mean. I cut out diet soda a month and a half ago and have been having less cravings for junk. I sometimes miss it, but it definitely has faded. So glad I gave it up and hope I can keep it up.

  4. You don’t know how hard I laughed at your opening line about the bike ride versus cab. Hilarious.

    On a more related to this post note, I agree. When I tell people oh I run X number of miles, they are like WTF. But it’s something I’m used too and enjoy so it doesn’t seem weird to me.

  5. PsycChic says:

    Any tips for someone considering going dairy and gluten free? New to it all! Am doing pretty good eating lots of fruit, veggies, greek yogurt, lean meats (pretty close to Simply For Life). Not a milk drinker anyway…. Holding a good weight but trying to lose those last 10 pounds of chub and get more lean… and am completely stalled =(

  6. Donloree says:

    I hear you on the fake food! I haven’t eaten it in over a year and boy do I feel better. It also helps the grocery bill! 😀

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