Two Big Things

Posted: August 18, 2012 in Uncategorized

Yesterday was a rush rush rush day for a day off. As soon as I was out of bed there was a walk to the market for coffee (clearly) and my apple, then I walked down to the grocery store for a chicken sale (…. the little things make me happy) and back home for a quickie clothing change, mix up of three meals and off to grab the bus to the gym.

I probably would have relaxed a little more, and admit I kind of wanted to, but mom was meeting me at 4 at the gym so I had to get my butt moving. It’s funny how even though I wanted to be on the couch and that’s exactly where my head was I still had a kick ass workout. I’m still getting stronger so that really  helps to get the head in the game.

… I’ve also started guessing on my weight based on how hard it is to get down to the seat on pulldowns. Having to throw my ass into it to get my knees under the pads for 130 yesterday was interesting.

Also interesting… how a girl who weighs less than 130lbs, lives alone and is “dieting” can easily spend 90$ at Costco, not including chicken (35$ more) or apples.

july29 008

I’ve been slumming it and switched to carton egg whites. It’s just that much cheaper. For a 3 pack (16 whites a carton) it’s 4.59$ at costco. Way cheaper than the 2.29$ cheapest sale price for a dozen eggs here. It’s been two weeks now and I honestly don’t mind the change. And it’s a lot easier measuring out half a cup than separating 4 eggs every meal.

I’ve also taken up eating spinach, which was one of my “deal breaker foods”. Go Freaking figure.

july29 009

But to my point.

Thursday was leg day. My hip was aching and I went in with little expectations. I got through the warmup and first part of my workout and felt good. No pain, no soreness. Hmmm.

Started my deadlifts and decided to do a little experiment before my sets. Pulled a 185… then a 200…. then a 215 for one rep.

Ten pounds from my end of month goal.

I did put 225 on and attempted it, but yeah… that was NOT happening.

In other shocking news. Mom was a bit early picking me up from the gym so I didn’t get my cardio done. Instead of heading to the uptown gym last night to get it done I just threw on the speed shorts and my sneakers and hit the road.

july29 010

Two miles in 16:57 I believe was the final time. Yuck. I ran through the boardwalk and an outdoor concert. Awkward.

Felt really good to get it done though, and felt…. somewhat speedy.

I definitely do NOT have any of the stamina I used to have. The thought of pulling out 5 miles randomly is never happening again, but it’s nice to know for short bursts I can get it done.

I’m all about doing as little cardio as possible if you hadn’t noticed.

And with that…. I am off to a giant flea market. Let’s hope I don’t buy something rediculous.

  1. I seriously need a costco, I hate how expensive eggs are at the regular grocery store.

  2. I can’t believe you were separating the eggs instead of just buying the liquid egg whites…it’s so much easier!!!

  3. jen says:

    215 – so impressed!

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