Im Looking At You Ziploc

Posted: August 21, 2012 in Uncategorized

Mondays just kind of suck.

I work Sunday until ten, and by the time I get home and get myself sorted and in bed it’s pushing midnight and I need to be out the door Monday by 10:10 to get to the gym on time to get in the workout for the day and get to work. I always just feel… busy on Mondays.

It never helps that I KNOW work is going to be busy. It’s always busy on Mondays. Those people who think we’re not open on weekends are all over us. It’s awesome. There was literally zero downtime yesterday, not too fun. It does however make the time fly by so I can’t really complain.

What does make my day much easier (Monday or not) is having all my meals planned, prepped and ready to go. Say what you want about meal plans, but I love mine, if only for the wonder of routine and ease. No thinking required which is a huge plus in my books.

Saturday I took the fridge from hot mess after my costco/grocery trips…

july29 012 Yes, that is in fact a bowl of oatmeal next to the mustard. Random, but I assure you it was tasty. Very very tasty.

And as you can see I gave up my snobbery and switched back to egg whites in a carton. Eggs are 2.89/dozen here. On occasion you can find then for 2.29/2$ a dozen, but then it’s a limit of two and I’m back and forth to the store, separating, etc etc… Sobey’s sells their brand for 2$ a carton (which is the equivalent of 16 whites) or at Costco it’s three cartons which is 4 dozen whites…. for 4.59$.

Cost plus the ease of measuring out half a cup and tossing it in the pan wins out right now. Simple, cheap and honestly… after spices I really don’t notice that huge of a difference. Maybe I’m not such a snob after all?

Yeah…. stop laughing.

Anyway… I took the fridge from the above hot mess to a thing of beauty.

july29 013 A lot of people think reheated food is blah or whatever. to me…. Heaven. Simplicity.

Once upon a time the fridge would look like this… but with so many extras and fillers (most that would get tossed). Now there’s some mustard, a couple jars of salsa and that’s about it… no fakery condiments, sf crap or random “cravings”. I kind of love it.

While most bloggers probably dream of Chobani or Love Grown sponsorships and such I clearly would have no use for that…. Ziploc or Rubbermaid on the other hand….

Oh, a girl can dream.

True story, I still don’t have a full set of (matching) dishes after my move…. enough tupperwear to do a family of 16 for a month? That I have.

While sometimes I find myself caught in that tricky situation of wanting to eat my emotions right to the bottom of an icecream tub, for the most part I find food doesn’t have that pull… that association anymore.

Food is fuel. I know how my body reacts to certain foods, the things I need to eat to get stronger, the foods I need to eat when it’s time to start leaning out. After two and a half years of this I can go out to “dinner” with family and friends without feeling deprived for having coffee instead of fries. I enjoy my meals and the way I feel after eating them. Stronger, healthier, happier.

Sure there are times when I find myself “craving” this or that…  but honestly it’s more of a random thing that I would never eat even if I wasn’t competing than an honest to goodness craving. It’s more of a fleeting thought and yes, waiting an hour before “giving in” generally means I have completely forgotten that craving and I’m grabbing my next container out of the fridge.

Maybe I’m just lucky I have a short attention span?

  1. Man you are the queen of preparation, I need that skill!

  2. Karla says:

    love your mad food prep skills 😛

  3. I agree with Alex. A family of 16? Hmm…I can see it now…16 mini yous. Excellent.

  4. Ashleigh says:

    do you have certain recipes you prepare?

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