A Little Extra Support

Posted: August 22, 2012 in Uncategorized

Competing is… interesting.

While it’s an individual sport, it takes a hell of a lot more than the individual to get on stage. The insecurities, the struggles, the bad days where you just need a hug. My first two years competing I did “alone” and while I had support online/over the phone it wasn’t the same as things are now.

Prepping for Atlantics was a whole different ballgame support wise and I love that it’s even increasing going forward towards Provincials. Obviously the biggest thing is having my family and friends at hand. I’ll be 100% honest in saying I could not have done my last show without my family. With all the work changes, the moves, the stress I probably would have just ate myself into the ground and stayed on the couch if I hadn’t received the support I did when I said “hey guess what, April 21st”.

They didn’t question my decision, they supported it. The weekly Costco trips, the texts, the calls, the understanding when I’d go out to dinner and have a big vat of coffee instead of a burger.

photo (4)

Obviously the second biggest thing is Blueprint.

Yes, I still train “online”, but we are a small team and it’s a much different experience than I had ever had before. A quick 45-50 minute drive and I’m in Freddy for team training on Saturdays, I have teammates and my coach on speed dial and get a lot more feedback and response from the system.

I’ve said it once, I’ve said it twice and I’ll continue to say it… if my coach hadn’t been backstage at Atlantics after prejudging I would have quit competing that second and never looked back. While a good coach can get you stage ready and prepped, a great coach will be there to hand you the Kleenex and talk you down from the ledge when it’s all just a little bit too much.

atlantic Another huge system of support and motivation I’ve always had is online. Either through message boards or facebook or whatever. It’s always there. I have mane some amazing friends and contacts and it’s always nice having other like minded people who ah… get your crazy?

I’ve recently joined Tribe Sports to kind of switch things up. There are a lot of different tracking/workout/fitness systems out there and I kind of like this concept. You join “tribes” of like minded people and follow users who have similar goals/interests.

july29 015 That’s just a few of my tribes. Honestly there is one for EVERYTHING… from running to horseback riding.

I may or may not be a member of an egg tribe and an “abs of steel” one. Clearly it can only increase my chances of having visible abs this November.

Not going to lie, the whole “it has an app” is a huge draw for me. My computer is a little less than impressive and my phone is (like any other 20-something) never too far away. I can click on the app, update some info, check out the challenges and threads in the tribes.

Yes, challenges. There is a list of little challenges, no cake for a month, run a 5k, etc etc. I’ve already bookmarked a few and this seems to be my first victim.

july29 016

How hard can it be right?

Day one complete.

Just please don’t expect a 5 or 10k challenge showing up on my feed anytime soon.

  1. Love this. I can relate on so many levels about coaches. I’ve had good, bad and in between. All sports I do/did were individual but still part of a team. I prefer it like that because I don’t think if people had to rely on me it would end to pretty.

  2. Michelle says:

    Fun!!! I love a challenge 🙂

    My brother is competing in his 2nd competition on September 1st and I’m so nervous for him! It’s a much larger competition than the 1st one he did and I know he’s freaking out. Whenever I read your blog I think about him because he eats the same things as you, has all the crazy tupperware (hee), and is just so driven like you are. You are 100000 times stronger than you think — so, while I agree a team/coach can give you confidence, please give yourself some (well-earned) credit too!!

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