So Much To Catch Up On

Posted: August 27, 2012 in Uncategorized

It feels like so  much has happened and yet I have zero time to get it all out today. It’s Monday afterall and I’m in my usual Monday morning state of run around. Mostly because like I said saturday I chose to enjoy the little things… instead of meal prep and you know, being responsible.

Thankfully all my groceries had been bought and the chicken and steak cooked, it’s just a matter of assembly now. I really could have done it yesterday morning, but well, I was exhausted after Saturday and had to get out to the parentals place to drop mom’s car off before heading to the gym pre-work.

I will say this though… team training was awesome. Like couldn’t have asked for a better workout/feedback. My nerves and fear will ALWAYS be there, I don’t deny that, but I feel much better about where I’m sitting right now and how things are looking.

Also 5lbs closer to my end of august deadlift goal. I have one more leg day on this program and then I don’t even know if I’ll be deadlifting, so it’s my goal to hit that this week. I had put the 225 on the bar yesterday but it wasn’t moving. We shall see… we shall see….

So until tomorrow… I feel this is fitting when you take all my crazy into account.


  1. sglgirl says:

    mind over matter becca, you WILL do the 225 this week.

  2. You will do 225 this week, I know it!

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