Its Not About Cardio or Carbs

Posted: August 30, 2012 in Uncategorized

Sometimes I get really frustrated.

Between blogs, Facebook and Twitter I’m bombarded with posts about competing and fitness and…. health experts.

It’s the internet afterall, everyone’s an expert right?

You need to do double cardio to get lean. Sodium/water loading and a magic pill will have you “dry” on stage. Carbs are evil. Eating less than 2000 calories is disordered.

Every time I see someone post about how they eat 2000+ calories a day and well… brag about it… I get a little sad inside. Maybe it’s just me being jealous, I know that’s a number I will never be eating (during prep… possibly offseason) but I also know what works for me and I should be okay with that. It’s really just a big comparison game and even three years into this competition thing it still gets me down sometimes.

Are these people exaggerating? Closet eating? Doing a shit ton of cardio?

Eating X amount of calories is not a badge of honor. Doing more cardio than the next person is not something to brag about. Which guru you train with means nothing if you don’t stick to the program.

Laying in bed after work last night trying to shut my brain off I found myself clicking around the blog world on my phone and well… just getting sucked into it. The self doubt, the comparison.

Should I actually be doing more cardio?

Am I eating too much? Too little?

Why can so and so do that and not me?

I needed to shut off my brain and the only way to do that was by getting my thoughts out. Totally not like me (especially at that time of night. Check the time stamp. Eek) but I opened up a new note and gave myself a saved reminder of my answer to a question I KNOW will be asked of me by Jody at least 2-3 times this prep.

july29 When I get a little crazy, the question often posed is a simple… “why do you do this?”

And that’s it. It’s about setting goals and bettering myself. It’s not about carbs or cardio or anything else. It’s just about me, the work I put in for my workouts, the meals I prepare for myself and the goal I have to better myself everyday…. whether I step on stage or not.

Sometimes I just need that reminder.

Why do you do what you do?

  1. Tara says:

    Awesome post. I admit I used to do the braggy ‘no cardio’ thing a lot, but then I realised I did in fact need to do cardio if I wanted to eat a normal amount of food! Not everyone can eat 3000 calories and do no cardio and get away with it. I think those people that are closer to 1500 calorie maintenance are much quieter about it, because they feel somewhat ashamed. It’s sad that everything diet- and exercise-related is so competitive.

    • ihearteggs says:

      I couldn’t agree more Tara. Everything is so individual and sometimes I want to smack myself for saying how little cardio I do… But it’s taken me years and a lot of diet fails and rebounds to get to this point.

      Sent from my iPhone

  2. thefitwriter says:

    I needed this today #10daysout

  3. […] of my favorite new blogs had a wonderful post this morning I felt the need to share. I’ve got this note on my wall now, too, hopefully to […]

  4. sglgirl says:

    Tara I think nailed that one. I am one of those girls who does like to do my AM cardio, 45 min in fact. That is now my wake up time/how I plan/start my day. I am also one of those girls, even with the cardio who has to stick to a 1500-1700 calorie plan in order to maintain. And like you Becca, when I see people “brag” about what they can eat and the amount, I feel sad, I feel like I am not normal and sometimes I am jealous and frustrated that I can only occassionly indulge and treat myself. Many times when I have gained a few pounds back and get upset about it, I still try to blame it on something else other than my crappy eating habits that I fall back into. This time though I have a plan already set out for post show so I dont fall back into the bad habits and it feels good.

  5. Kerryne says:

    SERIOUSLY… I have been dealing with the same thing. I have been KILLING it in the gym. Working harder than I feel I ever have. Sprinting 3-4 times a week and just found out that a girl I will be competing with (against) at 8 weeks out is already doing 2 a days… TWO HOURS OF CARDIO every day. I started thinking… oh man am I not doing enough? Should I be doing 2 a days already? I don’t want to get on stage next to her and feel like I didn’t do ENOUGH but my husband looked at me and said “relax, you’re already seeing significant changes and you can’t compare yourself to anyone else”. But… that is really hard to do!

  6. I can relate to this post so much. I have people telling me that I should be eating 4000+ calories for what I’m running…honestly I’d blow up like a tank. I think you may have forgotten this but having a blog means you have a PHD in life…so you should really pay attention to these bloggers…;)

  7. Tenecia says:

    I need to staple your note to my forehead.


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