Unaccomplished Goals

Posted: August 31, 2012 in Uncategorized

About three weeks ago I hit 200lbs on deadlifts. I decided by the end of August I wanted to hit 225lbs.

For someone who has been lifting for years and is in prep adding 25lbs to your deadlift in 3 weeks is a little bit of a lofty goal. And by a little bit I admit it’s a bit batshit. But I like to think big, I like to prove people wrong, I want to be the girl who gets stronger in prep, not weaker.

First I hit 215… then 220… then today I walked into the gym and I was feeling good. My workout was flowing, I built myself up to 215 and then added the other ten pounds on. It looked intimidating and scary and like I could do it.

july29 019

I just wanted one rep. One single all out rep.

I got down to the bar, tightened my straps (ah yeah, I’m a wimp and use straps. A lot. Judge all you want) and got ready to do it. As soon as I put tension into it and started the lift I got maybe half an inch off the ground before putting it right back down and taking weight off.

Deep down my head wasn’t 100%, but physically I knew I wasn’t there either.

… and I have no problems admitting that.

My legs and upper body may have been there, but I knew my lower back wasn’t there and if I pushed through I was going to be risking form and that would be setting myself up for a very nasty injury. Not something I want at ten weeks out.

Mentally it was a bit of a kick in the pants to not accomplish the full goal. But I still hit 220lbs. Maybe I’ll have deadlifts in my new program and keep building up. Maybe I won’t. I won’t know until Sunday, but that’s okay.

No matter what is in the program, I will still be working towards my goal. Strengthening my body with other exercises will only help me come back to deadlifting stronger.

So while I may not be as physically strong as I wanted to be by the end of the month, mentally I’m a hell of a lot stronger, and that is what’s going to push me through to the end of this prep.

fail Have you ever failed… in a way that pushed you to succeed elsewhere?

  1. Congrats on realizing that, mentally strong takes a lot and that is a huge accomplishment. Heck lifting 10 lb weights kill me so you got me on that.

  2. Seriously, I would cry for you if you got an injury now. I have a question-will you do a post relating to some common weight lifting injuries? I know a lot from running/cardio but obviously a way different ball game and I’m really interested in it!

  3. Seriously, especially in this case, it’s better to not do it and stay injury free than possibly having a game changing injury that could set you back.

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