Long Weekend Feeling… Even If You Work

Posted: September 3, 2012 in Uncategorized

When the call went out for volunteers to work Labor Day I automatically opened up the shifts available and picked the best sounding one right away. Knowing I had to work Sunday anyway so going away wasn’t really a possibility and knowing that…. if you don’t pick a shift you could be voluntold you’re working… it made sense to pick up a shift that worked for me.

Plus um hello, double time and a half. Yes please.

Even though I do have to work I feel like this weekend I crammed more into my time than I have for a lot of the summer. Maybe it was one last ditch attempt at celebrating summer? Maybe it was just everything happened to come up at the same time? Whatever it is, I’ll take it.

Friday was a pretty standard day, slept in a bit, went out to Costco with mom to grab a few things then hung out and did laundry before hitting the gym. While I was at the gym I got a text that led me here.

july29 022

Turns out out in the burbs there is movies in the park Friday nights. Friday was “Brave” and I got the invite to join in on the movie fun.

july29 024

We were pretty early so we claimed a good spot and I caught up with my brother while Griffin played some games. The movie was actually pretty awesome even though Griffin was sound asleep halfway through. That’s what happens with late nights!

Saturday morning I was up decently early (for me now a days anyway… ugh) and hit the gym for my workout and cardio. I’m still feeling really good in the gym. I feel like the leaning out process is happening (although slow…. but um, that’s the plan seeing how I’m ten weeks out and don’t have that far to go) but I’m still gaining/maintaining my strength and energy.

Really truly this prep is different than any I’ve experienced before, it doesn’t even really feel like prep right now… it just feels like life. Habit. Normal. I like that feeling.

Once I got home I finished up cleaning the house (since I had started and didn’t finish Friday). I’ve been so go go go lately I feel like while things were tidy and put away I wasn’t fully organized and clean so it felt good to get that done and over with.

… even if right after the floor was swept and mopped Fritz decided to take it upon himself to re-fur the floor.

july29 026

Some things will never change.

A very relaxing, but fun night followed up the cleaning fest. A crockpot chicken, some chili lime sweet potatoes and a walk down to the boardwalk made for a picture-less evening. Sometimes (…. obviously about 75% of the time for me) you really just don’t want to be living life through an iphone camera lens. I’m okay with that.

Yesterday it was back to life as usual. Gym rest day so it was tidying up the dishes left in the sink from Saturday, some meal prep and of course work. Now it’s the actual holiday Monday and I’m about to hit the gym then head to work. I’m crossing my fingers for a slow day (knock on wood!) since i’ve got a new book downloaded to the kindle and some comfy lulu pants packed in my bag (… um… when do I ever pack anything in my gym bag BUT lulu pants for work?).

The only remaining question from the weekend is…. Pumpkins? Already? Really superstore?! REALLY?!?!

july29 025How did you spend your long weekend?

  1. I felt my long weekend…doing nothing. Shocking. I am really enjoying this solitude of living in a new town though.

  2. Stores start holidays way too early. I hate it!!! Too early for halloween way too early. I would so be up for working on a holiday weekend, I always did that when I could in college and high school.

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