Biting the Bullet

Posted: September 4, 2012 in Uncategorized

Even when you know changes are coming…. sometimes they’re unexpected.

There are certain things about prepping with Blueprint I can anticipate.

I knew my newest meal plan would probably include fish and a few more meals.

I knew my new workouts would be a little on the nuts side.

Hell, I even knew my cardio would probably be increased….

What I wasn’t expecting? Umm… My total calories are actually up again.

Not a whole lot… but up. And from 8 meals to 10 meals a day.

JAN 7 016 Not only does my veggie protein return… It returns twice a day!

I’m 99% sure I’m the only person on the team excited to have this back in their diet.

So the new plan is in effect as of today. Meal prep is half done and about to be finished up, a costco trip is in my future for Friday and the new workouts will begin in a few hours.

Cardio is up to 20 minutes of HIIT a few times a week so I will be biting the bullet and packing a towel and my girlie crap to shower post workout for the first time since… last prep?

I know I’ve said this before, but yeah, shit got real.

Ten weeks.

I am so beyond ready for this.

  1. Amy says:

    I’m doing my forst competition in november and so nervous. I’m currently trying to build muscle so right now doing a functional day and some incline walking but no major cardio yet. My carbs are still pretty high but i don’t look fwd to cutting them.
    Are u on facebook? I’d love to follow you on there too.
    What show are u doing?
    I’m doing a local one for my first and then Fitness America in Miami in June.

  2. Good luck, keep working hard like you always do!

  3. sglgirl says:

    Welcome back to retardio!! 🙂

  4. Shit always gets real. Or more real-therefore it’s always acceptable to say. 😉

  5. Tenecia says:

    I’m trying to pretend like I’m not jealous about the 20 minutes of cardio 😉


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