Yes, Its Ab Time

Posted: September 6, 2012 in Uncategorized

Last night a team email went out about the next step in the prep process.

Starting on Sunday I’m going to be starting some (very mild) carb cycling.

phone 2006  In order to simplify it Jody even made us a color coded calendar basically to show which days to have your carbs with dinner and which days to skip them.

The OCD girl inside me is giddy over how organized this is and can’t wait until I can get to the parentals tomorrow morning to pick up the calendar I um… got for Christmas and never used. I have a phone! Why do I need a calendar on the wall to forget to switch every month?

… Carb cycling. That’s why.

Anyway, I had to send Jody an email about something unrelated… but in true Becca fashion I had to be a little dramatic. Something along the lines of: “Carb cycling AND cardio? I’d better have abs by Friday”

The response waiting in my inbox this morning? “Yes, it’s ab time! Cardio and carb cycling”

All I have to say to that is bring it on. The fact I’m not only adding in “real cardio” and carb cycling all at once is a little awesome. Nothing like a mid prep shake up to really get things moving. A teammate posted yesterday it was 66 days until showtime.


That sounds a LOT less than 9 weeks (and one day).

I’ll refrain from dropping an f-bomb this far out, but you know I’m using them in my head right now.

66 Go figure when I woke up this morning my thoughts were “I have nothing to blog about”. I almost wanted to start a rant on how my gym is built on a swamp and due to the rain was closed (again) for flooding yesterday. This happens every time it rains and um…. my work is in the same building yet doesn’t flood? You’d think they’d fix this. Thankfully I had the car so I got to hit up the fancy KV gym…. which was like my usual gym just nicer due to the number of people who also made the drive. So you’ve been spared the rant.. you’re welcome.

The perks of prep… things actually get a little interesting around here. Yay! … sure it’s mostly because I’m an oversensitive, OCD crazy lady… but hey! It works!

Thankfully it is my Friday though. I’m feeling pretty sore and tired. Mostly due to staying up too late when I get home (ummm… almost 3 am this morning. Oops) and you know, doing cardio. It’ll be a nice break to have a couple of days off with no plans. (yet anyway)

Also good news is the parentals get home this evening from their latest adventure… which includes an order of Ikea stuff for me (organization! WOO!) and um… the obvious return of my parents. How i used to go 6-8 months between seeing them sometimes I don’t know. I’ll be hopping in the car as soon as I get up tomorrow and heading out to hang out with my mom. I need to hit up costco for some fishy fishy stuff and in HUGE NEWS that I have been waiting TWENTY EIGHT YEARS for the west side officially opens a Walmart tomorrow. Yeah, that’s right. I don’t even live west anymore but this is huge. We’re fancy now, living in a two walmart town. You can guess where I’ve already told mom we’re stopping.

When I was talking to mom Tuesday on the phone she also pointed out she bought me a “surprise” at Ikea which was followed by a really funny laugh. I’ve been dying of curiosity since that moment. I don’t even know if I want to know what it is.

… I just hope i don’t have to use that “convert to boat” option on the car to get to work today.

july29 027 Poor city planning at it’s finest.

Anyone else a carb cycling fan?!

Or better yet… an IKEA fan?

  1. ikea totally overwhelms me, i am not a fan!

  2. I’ve never been to an Ikea before, but I do love surprises!!!!

  3. sglgirl says:

    carb cycling is a yes and no, depends on who is doing your diet and if they are smart about it….ikea is a yes

  4. i’ve been to ikea once and it was like someone let me out of my pen like a loose headless chicken. Right then.

    I atually carb cyle a lot for running. I find training with very low carbohydrates and then carb loading the day or two before. I have found that it really helps me out.

  5. Christina B. says:

    I have never carb cycled before but think that might start for me in the coming weeks. What was in that broccoli bowl?!

  6. I carb cycled a few years ago. I’m not a fan of doing all of the calculations but I did see the results. When I’m cleared from my doctor to start exercising again after the baby, I’m gearing up for something major. In april, I am doing a full contest prep (Minus the posing and actual contest) for the summer. I have a training coach all lined up already and all of the motivation.

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