I Dont Have Limits. Problem Solved

Posted: September 12, 2012 in Uncategorized

I figured there was no better time to sit down and write then now… while I’m waiting for my nail polish to dry. Number one sign I’ve got 87686 things going on in my head and want everything to be perfect? I try to turn myself into a chick. Who knew?

Anyway… I was tagged in a fitness photo rant on facebook by a friend and long story short, we all were commenting on this photo and he made a comment along the lines of “I don’t understand the concept of trying to push my limits”. I replied sarcastically as usual… but it turned out that it’s kind of a true statement. What did I say?

“I don’t have limits. Problem solved”

As much as I made a joke it got me thinking (mostly after my friend pointed out it was a good quote)… what are my limits? Do I have them? How do I figure this out?

When I started this journey it was simple. I wanted to be “skinny”. Obviously anyone who has ever been overweight knows that once you get “skinny” you get a boyfriend and a great job and life just falls into place. (excuse my laughter) I wanted to be in a single digit size, about “130-150 lbs”, because that sounded like an average number and healthy.

Easy enough right?

Before photo In the beginning I never wanted bangin’ abs or to get on stage. I never wanted to be the best at rowing or run races. I just wanted to be normal.

But at the same time I never said I would settle for average. I never set an end date/result. Maybe that’s the whole goal setting thing everyone talks about, just keep revising them? Regardless, I never allowed myself to become complacent. Once I started losing weight and began to love rowing I decided I wanted to be the best at that… so I worked my ass off and accomplished those goals.

People looked at me and said “you can’t do that”… and sure I had bad days were I said “you are so freaking right. I can’t. brb going to the kitchen” but I never let it stop me, I just kept trying. Every time I didn’t accomplish a goal it just made me look back at what went wrong, make some changes and move on.

When I hit my “goal” of single digit clothing and an average weight I decided not to say “well that’s cool, done and done” I decided to make new goals. I wanted to leg press more, I wanted to build muscle, lose fat, change my body. Over time I wasn’t just changing my body, I was changing my mind.

Sure I didn’t realize this at the time (I’m not even sure I do now), but I tend to look on the positive side. I don’t look at how far I have to go, I look at how far I’ve come. I’ll never say things like “I can never win my pro card for this reason”… sure, I may not, but why limit myself. A pro card is NOT my ultimate goal by any stretch of the imagination, but I’m not going to limit my success to be defeated before I even try.

tatlantics Maybe the reason I’ve made the changes I have in the last year is because I finally stop putting those limitations on myself.

I stopped saying things like “my genetics suck” and “drugs win shows”…. I just accepted that this body that I have is the one I have to work with. Genetics, enhancements, whatever, be damned. I stopped putting those (mental) limits on myself and decided to just do everything I could in my power to be the best Becca I could be. I ate my meals, I put 110% into every workout and busted my ass.

I have no idea where I’m going to end up, how far I’ll take this sport or what will happen a year or two down the road. All I know that for right now, right here… I’m not giving up. I’m not settling for anything less than everything, whatever that everything may end up being. I’m not going to limit myself to average when I have the potential to be extraordinary… Even if that extraordinary doesn’t end up being in the way I planned.

  1. tgipaleo says:

    This was exactly what I needed this morning. Thank you so much as always–your sense of humor and candor have been a huge help in my own 12-week endeavor. Keep it up!

  2. You have the best attitude, I love it!!

  3. Kari says:

    Beautifully said. And you’re right – you ARE extraordinary. 🙂

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