Thoughts On the New Diet

Posted: September 20, 2012 in Uncategorized

Posts like the one I wrote yesterday are kind of scary to hit publish on. I always worry about what people will think about it (… since when do I care what others think???) if I’ll get negative feedback, questions as to why I even compete if it’s not about winning, etc etc… but in the end those tough to publish posts are often the ones I get the most amazing response from. So thank you all from the bottom of my heart for the support.

Things are back to business as usual around here. Progress photos are coming up Saturday and I’m actually not freaking out about it. I’m definitely feeling and seeing changes, so hopefully that shows up in the pictures!

I’ve had some mild hunger with the new meal plan… I admit a lot of it has to do with my wacko schedule/long days this week most likely. That plus cardio. I blame cardio for everything. Clearly.

i-dont-want-some In regards to the diet changes I’m loving all the fish.

Well… except for the tuna. Tuna day 1 fritz just looked at me with disdain from the couch when I offered him scraps in the can. I left it by his dish anyway and I guess he wised up pretty fast because next time he heard the can opener he was out of bed and pawing at my feet pretty fast. Honestly Fritz, if it was up to me, I’d just pop the top off and give you the whole can and go for a steak…. but hey, anything is tasty covered in mustard and spices right???

How on earth this used to be my OMGFAVORITEMEALEVER is beyond me.

aug 23 032 Salmon on the other hand? Ummm…. YUM.

I thought Jody was a little crazy when i saw egg whites and… haddock… as one of my meals. But hey, turns out you can scramble pretty much anything with egg whites and I’ll eat it. Just staying true to the name of the blog folks. It’s my job.

Okay, my job is clearly not that, but I do love eggs. Whatever.

I had mentioned monday working three hours of overtime… which I’m already cutting into by accepting 45 minutes of voluntary time off last night. My choice was leave early and get a drive home… or stay til close and pay 10$ for a cab. Pointless. It was also awesome to be home in bed at 1am. Yes please.

I did happen to check the flyer before bed though… Not only is steak, chicken, apples AND my juice on sale this week so is turkeys. I went against buying them at superstore last week when they were on sale… but the countdown to T-day is on. One week. One more week. Eek. I’m stocking up.

And on that… I must be off to the gym… But I leave you with this.

sept 8 WTF mother nature. It’s a little early in the year for this whole zero degrees thing.

It’s going to be a long ass winter.

  1. Kenny says:

    I love your take about mixing anything with eggs and you’ll eat it. Im the same way. I even folded leftover chinese food in with 2 eggs and 2 whites once.

    Keep working hard, Becc.

  2. ugh don’t scare me, I am dreading a long winter. I am a fan of tuna but lately the salmon packets have been on sale and total yum! I am with you, Ilove my eggs. a lot

  3. I’m the same way between tuna versus salmon. I’d love some salmon right now…winter no.

  4. be yourself. that’s what I love about you. 🙂 and yay! long ass winters. I love it … I mean I do live in Texas so any cold weather is appreciated.

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