Top Three Reasons I Hate Monday

Posted: September 25, 2012 in Uncategorized

I know what you’re thinking.


But hey, it’s what I do. My blog, my rules. If I want to complain every single tuesday about how much Monday is screwing up my week… so be it.

On the plus side, I remembered when I got in bed Sunday night that I had forgot to take my haddock out of the freezer and was smart enough to get up and toss a piece in the fridge to defrost. Not like I was doing anything logical like sleeping Sunday night.

Hello insomnia. Haven’t missed you in the least.

Even though I have been having a hell of a time falling asleep and toss and turn most of the night… I seem to get a seriously badass sleep in the early hours of the morning… and you know, after I apparently turn off my alarm clock.

Reason #1 I hate Monday:

I have an auto alarm set for Mondays. Knowing I had dad’s truck I knew this alarm would give me plenty of time to prep my meals for the day and get my bag packed and actually lounge for 20 minutes or so.

sept 22 002

Unfortunately I seemed to turn this alarm off (and don’t remember doing so) when it went off… and promptly rolled back over and passed out. I woke up 40 minutes later and made coffee/made food/ate meals 1 and 2/packed my bags/brushed my teeth and flew out the door in 30 minutes.

Unimpressed. Way to go Becca.

Reason #2 I hate Monday:

I have this awesome plant. It reminds me of jazz hands. It was 5$ and well… I haven’t killed it yet. Impressive.

sept 22 001

If you look at the leaves on the left hand bottom side they look a little… ragged? Suddenly after this plant being here since APRIL Fritz has decided he wants to eat it.


I came home from work last night to hacked up plant leaves… right on one of the few bras I have left that actually fits.

Yeah, I know. That’s what I get for tossing it on the floor last night. But really? 90% of the weight I’ve lost this prep has been from my boobs. A bra that fits is hard to come by in this place, so really Fritz? REALLY?

sept 22 004

Reason #3 I hate Mondays:

Backhanded compliments are stupid.

Like really. Do not stare at me. Do not WINK at me after i finish a heavy bench set. Do not finally speak to me after my second set of wide grip pullups to tell me I’m strong… “for a girl”.

A) I’m not a girl. Yes, I look like I’m 20, but I’m not. I’m 28.

B) I’m not strong “for a girl”. I’m just strong FOR MY SIZE.

No, I don’t lift the same weight “as a boy” but how many boys in the gym are my height/weight? (and eating a prep diet?).

exercise So that about sums up my thoughts on Monday as usual.

One thing that is not included on this list which I actually thought WOULD be…. is the change up in my cardio. For this week on low carb days (aka Monday) I had to add in 15 minutes of extra hiit… either replacing my 5 minute warmup or tacked onto the end of my cardio. I did the 15 preworkout… then 20 post workout. Um yes. Painful. Sweaty. Hard. But…. awesome.

Here’s to another 6 days before I complain about Monday again!

  1. haha oh Mondays, they are rough in any working world. I don’t keep plants in my apartment because I kill them, seriously I have no green thumb.

  2. Haha! That plant does look like it has jazz hands! Awesome.

  3. BAHAHA. So true about exercise. Men…eh no big deal…Anyways and yes that plant reminds me of jazz hands. Part of the reason I love your blog is because you are freaking hilarious and have the same sense of humor I do.

  4. Jorie says:

    That plant really DOES look like jazz hands. I love it.

    And good for you about ignoring the comments while you’re working out. I hope you tell them off, but even if you don’t, it’s vindication enough that you think it. A lot of men are easily intimidated by physically strong women.

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