Why I Used to Get Fat

Posted: September 27, 2012 in Uncategorized

I’ve got some bad insomnia going on here. Well, like I said last week I sleep like a ROCK…. once I fall asleep. It’s the whole falling asleep thing I seem to be sucking out on. In an effort to correct this I cut out my mid work break coffee/green tea. I was a ZOMBIE (completely mental, guaranteed) yet I was still tossing and turning at 3am (…. an hour and a half after I went to bed).

I had full intentions of rambling about coffee and these CRAZY dreams I’ve been having lately. You know, the type where at the atheletes meeting the night before the show they decide to tell you they’re bringing back the one piece suit (dear god NO) and they are MAKING everyone a suit that night and you had to pick the fabric (ugh). They looked like those high neck speedos. Just no, no, no.

Thankfully I saw this article shared on my Facebook this morning and it got me thinking.

Why did I always rebound/gain more weight than necessary in the “offseason” but this time around I didn’t? And honestly… I can tell you exactly what I did “wrong” in the past. It’s so easy to get caught up in old habits when you are “let loose” or want to “be cool like everyone else” that it just happens and you wake up one day and haul on the size 0’s that were baggy 2 months before and you’re sporting more muffin top than a tim hortons display case.

Not attractive.

So what did me in? Let’s just talk about after my July 2011 show vs after April 2012… Aka the post show/move/unemployed rebound.

Weight gain reason #1: Booze

wiaw 002

Did I go back to my early 20’s party girl ways? No. There was no way that was happening. The whole drinking 3-4 nights a week was a little much for me.

But I was moving. How do you say goodbye to people? That’s right, you grab a beer on a patio and catch up. How do you say hello to people you haven’t seen in months? Oh right, you grab a drink. It adds up.

After April I did have one “night out” and I did have a couple of glasses of wine here and there (maybe 2-3 bottles total and no beer all summer) but compared to last year it was minimal. I have no issues with a drink here and there, but the biggest issue I  have is my “I don’t give a *^%& atttiude” that comes with drinking and that leads me to the kitchen.

…. “what’s a diet?”

Weight Gain Reason #2: I’m FREEEEEEEEEE from the diet

wiaw 003

Obviously post show there is going to be some treats.

But obviously I used to take that a little too far. Nachos, steak, pizza, icecream, cookies. Hello OVERKILL.

After April I had some cookies… I went out for breakfast and had a (normal sized) serving… I had a burger here and there… Life didn’t end because I didn’t omgstuffmyfacewitheverythinginsight. You know what, if I woke up and wanted something it was there… not like suddenly if I didn’t eat an entire box of cookies that there would never ever ever be another cookie in my life.

Hmmm… Funny how that works?

Weight Gain Reason #3: Giving in to trends

ring 038

I honestly no longer read a lot of “healthy living blogs”. Personally I don’t find a lot of them all that healthy, but to each their own.

Anyway, there is always a new trend going and I thought “well if everyone else loves this &^%* it must be awesome right?”. I admit it, I tried (and loved) overnight oats. Especially when I was working on the road last fall. Being able to toss a jar in my bag that had greek yogurt, almond milk, oats and pb in it and toss the jar after eating? Easy and wonderful.

Problem? Roughly measuring the oats, no idea how much peanut butter was included, just globbing in greek yogurt. It was a delicious free for all.

If you look above and see reason #2, I have issues with control. I have no problem admitting that. It’s all or nothing and I completely accept and embrace the fact that for me to maintain a healthy weight I do need to weigh/measure my food 90% of the time. Yes, I can guesstimate a portion pretty well, but without a scale I have a very big tendency to add in a little extra “for good measure”. Those little bits add up fast.

Weight Gain Reason #4: Extras Add Up Fast

Who doesn’t want to add peanut butter to their oats? Or have a bar in their purse for “emergencies”?

june 20 023

This also falls into the following trend category, but I felt like it deserved it’s own special write up.

Sure fancy peanut  butter is a nice change, but um… wanna check the extras in that Mighty Maple PB? Evaporated cane juice, maple syrup, palm fruit oil, salt, falvoring…. Wanna check the ingredients in the peanut butter i used to eat? Peanuts.

You do the math on that one.

Grabbing a muffin with my coffee, an extra serving at dinner, fancy  lattes/coffee, it all adds up… and unfortunately it adds up fast.

Weight Gain Reason #5: I love to bake

oct 014

The number of “experiments” I had in the kitchen last fall is scary.

Granola bars, triple layer cakes, the above chocolate caramel apple pie.

Having family to bake for… and no job for part of this time to occupy my days made it easy to bake up a “treat”… only those treats became a little too frequent. This time around I did some baking, the double stuf oreos stuffed into chocolate chip cookies happened but really, I cut back. Did I miss it? Sometimes I missed the baking, but I didn’t miss the sugar hangovers. After going so long without sugar/wheat/dairy I just didn’t crave it as much, and I really didn’t enjoy the gross sick stomach issues I had when I did indulge.

So what did I do differently?

In short, I didn’t give in to the “offseason mentality. I added calories back in gradually, I enjoyed a treat here and there (I hate the word moderation, but you know I mean it), I stayed active. Basically I gave up the all or nothing. Instead of going from “IM DIETING!!!!” to “I’M FREE!!!” I decided to take my health and goals into consideration and continue to live the lifestyle I was loving during my prep.

Did I still gain weight? Yes, of course I did. But I gained HEALTHY weight. I have no idea how much weight as the scale is still tossed aside, but I wasn’t fully busting out of my jeans, I didn’t feel uncomfortable every single day of life, I wasn’t dealing with an uncomfortable stomach.

I kind of felt awesome, healthy and dare I say… Normal? Go figure?

  1. Sable@SquatLikeALady says:

    I really needed this post right now. Printing out & putting in my wallet!!

  2. Tara says:

    This is a really awesome post, Becca. I have a problem with control after deprivation so it’s the one thing I worry about when I finally do compete.

    For the record, I think overnight oats are disgusting. I was so excited to try them after all the hype and then gagged a little when I had them. LOL.

  3. I agree wholeheartedly and thanks for sharing your thoughts on weight gain post show. Right now I’m 7 weeks out from my first show, and I’m still struggling to remove the same triggers from my diet (hello cheap wine).

    Loved the reference to Timmy Ho’s… I’m a toronto girl, but I live in LA now, and damn I miss me a good exra large w/ tim bits!!!

  4. I would love to hear your thoughts on bars because I probably have similar views LOL. Extra’s certainly do add up and people hate to admit that as well as the peanut butter trend. Anywho-love this post. Do I say that a lot? I think so.

  5. Great post! I agree that not everything in this “community” is really about health – but it makes it a bit more realistic, too. 🙂

  6. Steph says:

    You hit the nail on the head! I am currently in my second “off season” from figure contest and it is completely diff. from the first. I too feel healthy and in control. It truly is a wonderful feeling. I did the crazy off season eating (weight gain) everything as if it was the last, but I wouldn’t take it back. I learned so much and how to eat healthy and use food as fuel …not as reward.

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