Worth Quitting Coffee

Posted: September 28, 2012 in Uncategorized

So all this week I’ve given up my evening work coffee. Usually on my “lunch” (which is either around 6 on my 1pm start days and 8:30 on my 1am mornings) I go and grab a coffee.

It’s cold outside, I’m sluggish, I just want it. Whatever the reason, I get one. Iced coffee from McDonald’s or Javamoose. Either way, it’s caffeine I probably don’t need.

Unfortunately I haven’t been sleeping well. Or falling asleep well I should say. Once I’m asleep I’m out…. but I toss and turn for hours before I actually do. Not fun. Not fun at all. Yet last night, after a full week of no evening coffee I went to bed around 2am and… fell right asleep. I was out so hard I didn’t wake up until my ten am alarm. I probably would have even rolled back over if I didn’t have to pee so badly… or I wasn’t hungry… or I didn’t care about sleeping away my weekend.


The plan is to pick up some decaff green tea (maybe even some of the fancy stuff from teavanna) to have on hand for those cold nights/need the comfort times. But no, I’m not fully giving up coffee. I will still have my two cups in the morning/pre workout. But I’m cutting out the third. I feel so responsible. Scary.

But like I said… it’s the weekend. Honestly nothing crazy going on here.

notboring Being a responsible adult stinks.

Couple of workouts planned, couple a turkeys need roasting and a family dinner to go to tomorrow night.

Oh… and today is a dinner carbs day. Already wiping the drool off my chin.

Tempted to snap some progress pictures tomorrow to show the difference one week of increase cardio/carb cycling makes, but I am kind of lazy so it depends on how I’m going to be feeling when the alarm goes off. I will say the differences I’ve seen in a week are kind of nuts. Including my first everrrrr real vein popping out.

photo (26) I know it’s not much, and really not that exciting… but for someone depleted and who has never seen this before it’s kind of cool.

Whatever. I know I’m lame. I accept it.

Happy Friday. I’ve got a workout and cardio to get to.

  1. sglgirl says:

    I have a bicep vein popping, forehead and the blue ones in my actual facing are showing but thank god not popping.

  2. hmmm i never thought my constant waking could be due to coffee. i wonder…

  3. The worst part of me getting older? I can’t drink anything with caffeine after 2pm or it takes me hours to fall asleep at night and I sleep like total crap.

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