Well That Was a Big Oops

Posted: October 2, 2012 in Uncategorized

So I got a little overexcited over my new carb cycling calendar… as in I thought the green days were low carb and red days were “skip carb” (not ALL carbs) days. When you think of it logically (or you know… read Jody’s email) red means skip, green means eat.

In short, for about 24 hours I got really excited about all the high carb days I was about to have…. then crash… I actually double checked the email, scribbled over what I had written on my calendar and got a little sad.

sept 22 009

But then I thought about it… As I had mentioned on my low carb days I was pregaming my workouts with 15 minutes of hiit (and doing my usual 8 or 20 minutes of cardio after depending on what workout it was) and not doing extra on the high days. Well now it’s flipped and on high carb days I pregame with 20 hiit (and then my usual post workout) so technically not more carbs, but less cardio.

I’ll take that.

Only… my new 6 week out workouts arrived tonight and my cardio has increased. To a whooping 25 minutes post workout (no shortened leg days). I really can’t complain in any way shape or form over this considering until 6 weeks out I was doing 20 minutes or less of cardio…. and in the past at this point I’d be up to probably 60 minutes (including morning cardio and hiit postworkout). So yeah… this is a little nuts. But in a good way.

Honestly I haven’t even been minding the cardio. The fact I split it up pre and post workout makes it fly by (45 minutes all at once would be death to me. yuck) and well, endorphins right? A friend actually commented that I looked like I was almost enjoying myself during sprints the other day.

Let’s be honest here, I’m mostly enjoying the results. I still feel “thick”, but in a good way. I feel like I’m much more solid and wide this time around. After a few days of low carb I am mega flat and do find my lower abs kind of loose and saggy which is a huge perk of big weightloss…. but once I get carbs in me that firms up a lot so that is good news.

sept 22 005

Progress pics come up on Saturday and with Saturday also comes Thanksgiving dinner. Yes, I will be eating turkey…. but I will also be having my mom’s turkey dinner, with whatever veggies I want, some sweet potato and um… dessert! I’ve already got a recipe in mind and it’s going to be AWESOME. I miss baking.

But now I do believe it’s time to hit up the gym for my 6 week out workouts. I’m worn out already just looking at them, not even taking into consideration my asthma is being a pain in my %^$ with this cold. I feel like an out of shape chubby kid again with how out of breath I am all the time. Ugh.

Am I better yet???

  1. Your shoulders are AWESOME!!!!!
    I had to take my son to urgent care sunday night for this cough/cold that won’t go away, and they are pretty convinced he has asthma. We’re meeting with the ped’s office later this week, I hope he doesn’t have it, I have it and it sucks.

  2. meve says:

    Look at your shoulders! You look great!! I’m sure this is going to be your best show yet, keep putting in the hard work 🙂

  3. You look awesome and you are motivation for the next two months while I’m injured. Is that creepy? Who cares. Anyways-I’ve decided to really start strength training instead of living the life of the elliptical but anyways-you look awesome. Empty oatmeal at the best.

  4. Your shoulders are awesome!

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